Liv grew up in New York City. She finds comfort in the chaos, the abundant consumption of culture, listening to music on long contemplative walks, finding a book that she didn’t know she needed at a used bookstore, and making last minute plans to go to a house show. In her free time she works primarily on prose-based writing and songwriting, mostly within the realms of folk. Additionally, she is in a band called Tout le Lapin.

Some of her favorite things are full moons, Neutral Milk Hotel, writing in a hardcover moleskine with blood red fountain pen ink, Anne Carson, rain, the mulled wine at Caffe Reggio, Emily Dickinson envelope poems, astrological charts, and Lana Del Rey’s 2014 album Ultraviolence.

A self-proclaimed lover of the emdash, Liv is partial to creative nonfiction, prose, memoir, and playing with form. Writing, while all consuming in the Romantic sense, doesn’t have to consume just you as your writing can take on a new life in the writing center. As an Aquarius this is exactly the type of work she gets excited over, along with Art History and Philosophy. Perhaps you feel stuck at a point, lost in structure, or searching for true meaning within your piece, whatever your situation may be—Liv can meet you halfway and work with you to develop your writing practice.