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M - Intermediate

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Upon occasion

This is a studio course which builds on foundational drawing skills. Students will work with dry and wet media; there will be an emphasis on composition; and students will be asked to synthesize different kinds of spaces in single pieces. The assignments in the beginning of the term are designed to reiterate foundational drawing skills such as sighting and measuring and articulating a broad range of values in charcoal. Students will then work with ink and consider different ways of representing three-dimensional forms and spaces on paper and work at a large scale. The last part of the term will focus on color: students will work with pastels. We will work with a model and draw the figure in charcoal and in color. The translation of light and shadow and the integration of the figure into the environment will be emphasized. Evaluation will be based on the completion of exercises and assignments in a way that demonstrates an understanding of the concepts and ideas introduced in the class, engagement with course materials, participation in discussions and critiques, and the ability to respond to feedback in one’s work.


Previous drawing experience.

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