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    Something Good Will Come of This
    THE QUESTION: Who are Maine’s opiate addicts?
    THE RESPONSE: Something Good Will Come of This, a documentary film
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    Nnimmo Bassey, Nigerian climate activist

    THE QUESTION: If people struggling under great odds and danger could persist, what’s my excuse?

    THE RESPONSE: A graphic biography of Nnimmo Bassey, a Nigerian climate justice activist.


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    My Summer with Grossmutter
    THE QUESTION: How was an entire country convinced that deporting people based on their religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or physical ability was acceptable or even necessary?
    THE RESPONSE: My Summer with Großmutter: I Didn’t Understand What Happened Then; That’s Why I Remember


February 20th, 2018

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    Racism, Health, and the Epidemiology of Police Violence

    4:10pm, McCormick Lecture Hall The effects of economic inequality and institutional and interpersonal violence on racial health inequities are explored by Harvard doctoral candidate and social epidemiologist Justin Feldman ’07 at College Atlantic’s Human Ecology Forum. The lecture is co-sponsored by the COA Thoreau Environmental Leaders Initiative.