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    First Ireland–Canada humpback whale re-sighting [IWDG]
    Humpback whales found in European waters are known to travel north and south along the eastern North Atlantic, but one was unexpectedly found over 2,050 miles nearly due west off the coast of Newfoundland, says College of the Atlantic Allied Whale Photo ID Director Lindsey Jones MPhil ’18.
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    How to Unbury a Whale [Sierra Club]
    In remote Maine, a finback whale is discovered decades after its burial. COA Allied Whale research associate Dan DenDanto and stranding coordinator Rosie Seton help solve the mystery and bring closure to the community.
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    Whale scientists fire back at critics of new lobstering rules [Press Herald]
    Marine biologists, including COA professor Sean Todd, disagree with a judge’s decision to block a seasonal closure in the Gulf of Maine, saying there is ample data to justify the closure.