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    Author aims to expand transgender resources

    Filled with positivity, acceptance, and humor, “Being Bucky” is a children’s story featuring a transgender chicken and a host of cute animal characters. Created by Mason Pellerin ’20 for his College of the Atlantic senior project, “Being Bucky” is a dream project four years in the making.

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    Woodworker Danielle Rose Byrd Carves Niche for Herself [Ellsworth American]
    Danielle Rose Byrd ’05 is cutting a path for herself as a woodworker, creating bowls, ladles, spatulas and other household goods from freshly chopped chunks of birch, maple and other hardwood.
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    The Questions We Ask

    COA’s mission is to inquire, to delve, to care, to create. These are not just words on paper. They flourish within the hearts and minds of every member of the COA community. We asked several members of the COA faculty what questions they asked. Here are their responses.