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    Rising Seas | New England Climate Change (Yankee Magazine)
    In the morning fog the captain moors his boat, Osprey. We can’t see Great Duck Island, which is only 250 feet away. The 46-foot boat, which belongs to College of the Atlantic, is bringing professor John Anderson and four students back to the island this morning, 16 miles from Bar Harbor, Maine, to continue their bird research.
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    Of What Value is a Gull? (Maine Sea Grant)
    Of what value is a gull? Maybe only this: the lessons of the free air and the wild sky, that science is born in patience and brought forth in care and wonder, that the world is a wide and wilder place than any text book can ever teach us…
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    Young Herring Gull Defies the Odds in 1,700-Mile Journey to Pascagoula (gulflive.com)
    A six-month-old herring gull defied the odds when she flew more than 1,700 miles from College of the Atlantic’s Great Duck Island in Maine to winter at Pascagoula’s Point Park.