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    Students Advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health
    Members of Planned Parenthood Generation Action COA work to bring equity, awareness, and education to important sexual and reproductive health issues. With deep community buy-in, the group has led workshops, communications training, and a successful campaign to place free menstrual supplies in College of the Atlantic restrooms across campus.
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    New Faculty Chair Focuses on Environment
    With the establishment of an endowed chair in environmental science at College of the Atlantic, benefactors Kim and Finn Wentworth aim to inspire a deeper love and respect for the natural world and give students the tools to achieve real discovery and novel solutions for positive change.
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    Field Opportunities Abound on Wildlife Biology Internship
    A three-month stint within the rich natural landscapes of Arkansas’ Cache River National Wildlife Refuge takes Ekaterina Khadonova ’21 on a deep dive into environmental fieldwork.