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    These 5 Colleges are Green Year-Round, Not Just on Earth Day [USA Today]

    Instead of just pushing students to recycle and take shorter showers or use just one paper towel here and there, a number of schools have made deeper commitments to being green — including plans to cut down fossil fuel usage, increase spending on local and organic food and teach about sustainability.

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    Celebrate Sustainable Communities on Earth Day
    “Creating Sustainable Communities” is the theme of College of the Atlantic’s 2016 annual Earth Day celebration, which includes sustainability-themed arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, food vendors, DIY workshops, live music, and more.
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    Earth Day Celebration at College of the Atlantic
    The student-organized event will include a Junior Ranger Day with Acadia National Park (ANP), nature excursions, children’s activities, booths, electric car test drives, lectures, yoga, food, and more.