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    Science Project Offers Free Well Testing
    Private well owners on the northern half of Mount Desert Island who are curious about the potential presence of arsenic and other elements in their drinking water are encouraged to join a groundwater study led by College of the Atlantic earth sciences professor Dr. Sarah Hall and student Gabriela Moroz ’21.
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    Desert Trip is Geologists’ Dream
    College of the Atlantic earth science students and faculty join several South American colleagues for ten days of field research in Peru’s Atacama Desert.
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    Field Intensive Builds Environmental Science Skills
    A month-long geoscience research program in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains has College of the Atlantic students surveying soil conditions, assessing geohazards, kayaking, and doing homework under lantern light as they gain critical professional experience in the field.


May 3rd, 2019

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    Dr. Bess Koffman joins the Seminar on Climate Change 2019 Speaker Series with her research on using ice cores to understan...

    Tracing Antarctic Climate Using Windblown Dust in Ice Cores

    4:10pm, McCormick Lecture Hall Paleoclimate scientist Dr. Bess Koffman joins the College of the Atlantic Seminar in Climate Change 2019 Speaker Series to present her research using mineral dust to track wind patterns over thousands of years.