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    Can Congress encourage wiser AI? [Portland Press Herald]
    Oversight will be vital as artificial intelligence systems are marketed to millions, turning citizens and their deliberative powers into products any businesses and politicians can purchase, according to COA professor Gray Cox, author of the forthcoming book, “Smarter Planet vs. Wiser Earth? How Dialogue Can Transform Artificial Intelligence into Collaborative Wisdom.”
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    Forests can’t handle all the net-zero emissions plans [The Conversation]
    Years of research into forests and participation in international climate negotiations lead College of the Atlantic professor Doreen Stabinsky and Kate Dooley of The University of Melbourne to conclude that emissions offsets won’t provide the solution some are promising.
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    Chasing carbon unicorns: the deception of carbon markets and “net zero” [FOEI]
    A new report led by College of the Atlantic professor of global environmental politics Doreen Stabinsky examines the science behind “net zero” claims, how they are used to obscure climate inaction, and the role of various actors in promoting these ineffective schemes.