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    Millard Dority at COA: 51 years and counting [Islander]
    A teenage misfit with hair down to his waist, Millard Dority joined COA in 1970, two years before students would arrive. Decades later, he’s become “a living archive of COA,” president Darron Collins ’92 says, embodying the college’s mission, integral to its operations, and passing on practical knowledge to generations of students.
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    Kaelber Remembered as Remarkable Leader
    College of the Atlantic founding president Ed Kaelber is remembered as a kind, bright soul with infectious optimism, brilliant interpersonal skills, and uncommon wisdom. He set the college on a solid path forward during its crucial first years, and continued to influence its success until his death at age 94.
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    Edward Kaelber, 94, Founding President of College of the Atlantic [Press Herald]
    Edward Kaelber, founding president of the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor and founder of the Maine Community Foundation, died Thursday at The Colonnades senior living community in Charlottesville, Virginia. He was 94.