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    Learning to Lobby: a Trip to the State Legislature
    Fifteen bleary-eyed students from professor Ken Cline’s Intro to the Legal Process class pack into school vans at 5:30 a.m. for a journey to the Maine State House in Augusta. Their access to Maine’s lawmakers is inspiring and memorable.
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    Courses We Love: French Food Politics and European Political Institutions
    Two COA faculty and ten students are in France for an immersion experience in language, food, water, and politics. The eight-week course begins in Vichy then travels to Marseilles, Brussels, and Paris during the last two weeks of the term to meet with activists, industry, and key political figures.


May 28th, 2018

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    Professor Anna R. Welch, will lead a conversation on refugees, migration, and immigration law.

    A Conversation on Immigration in the Age of Trump

    4:10pm, McCormick Lecture Hall A wide-ranging look at refugees, migration, and immigration law is led by University of Maine School of Law Sam L. Cohen Refugee and Human Rights Clinical Professor Anna R. Welch.