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    Annual Champlain Institute Focuses on the Arts

    The 2019 College of the Atlantic Champlain Institute—Art: Dissent and Democracy explores the ways art challenges, promotes, undermines, and advances political, social, religious, and cultural norms.

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    COA Summer Series Underway
    College of the Atlantic’s summer event series, including Coffee and Conversations, a feature art exhibit, and the second annual Champlain Institute, brings scholars, artists, activists, political leaders, conservationists and others to the College’s seaside campus for intriguing explorations of creativity, religion, current events, international relations, and more.
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    Field Intensive Builds Environmental Science Skills
    A month-long geoscience research program in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains has College of the Atlantic students surveying soil conditions, assessing geohazards, kayaking, and doing homework under lantern light as they gain critical professional experience in the field.


August 1st, 2019

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