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    Gulls and Seabirds in the Gulf of Maine: How are They Doing?
    In this episode of WERU’s “Coastal Conversations,” COA W.H. Drury Professor of Ecology and Natural History John Anderson, Meaghan Lyon ’16, and Audra McTague ’19 discuss declining populations of herring and great black-back gull populations and what this change portends for the health of the Gulf of Maine system as a whole.
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    Windward News: Season 2, Episode 1
    Welcome to winter term’s first episode of Windward News! This is a hot mess episode of some crazy hoopla. It features the first edition of “Free Range Nonsense,” a college comedy show. Check it out, fall in love, hate it entirely, you pick, but whatever you choose, make sure to share it with your friends.
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    Windward News, Episode #6

    This week’s episode is hosted by Evan Martin and Abigail St. Onge. It has many upcoming events and a new segment of featured music!