Our most important priority is providing an excellent academic experience for our students during spring term 2020. The faculty are rising to the challenge and see this as an opportunity for applied human ecology in action. Our goal is to be flexible and meet the academic needs of each student as much as possible. This page will serve as a repository for important academic information related to COA’s 2020 spring term. 

  • Faculty have been asked to be liberal with extensions for work due at the end of winter term 2020. 
  • First-year students will be allowed to do independent studies during spring term 2020. 
  • Lab fees will be adjusted for many classes, to account for online learning. 
  • We will be liberal with new internship opportunities and residencies for upper-class students.
  • There will be many new course options added for spring, as faculty are reinventing some courses and substituting other courses that are more adaptable to an online format. The updated slate of courses will be added to the student portal and the registrar’s page by the morning of Friday, March 20. 
  • You will not lose your place in any current classes that you are registered for. If your class is cancelled or if you would like to switch classes, a new registration period will open on Monday, March 23. 
  • Leave of absence/reduced course load: we have been fielding many questions about financial aid and the possibility of students taking leaves or dropping to less than full-time enrollment for the spring trimester. First, a little information about financial aid and enrollment: To be eligible for federal financial aid (Pell grant, Stafford loan, etc.) students must be enrolled in at least two classes per trimester. To maintain F-1 status, international students must be enrolled full-time. COA has no control over federal aid policies or the F-1 status regulations.  We do, however, have the ability to be flexible with our internal financial aid.  COA’s merit aid and special scholarships typically require full-time enrollment. For spring term we will offer students the opportunity to petition for exceptions to this policy.
    • Petitions for a leave of absence or 2/3 credit load for spring term will be considered beginning March 23. Exceptions to the policy may be granted for reasons of documented mental or physical health concerns. Exceptions to the policy may also be granted on academic grounds. In order to receive an academic exception, students should present a compelling case that full-time enrollment will be a considerable detriment to meeting their academic goals.
    • Petitions for a leave or reduced course load for physical/mental health reasons should be directed to dean of student life Sarah Luke, sluke@coa.edu. Petitions for a leave or reduced course load for curricular reasons should be directed to provost Ken Hill, khill@coa.edu.