1. COA logo meaning Human
  2. Earth
  3. Water

Combined within a circle, the COA seal exemplifies the important relationship between human beings and our surrounding environment—the essence of Human Ecology.

Graphic identity guidelines

COA’s graphic identity guidelines foster the development of a strong, cohesive, visual identity that supports the mission of College of the Atlantic through consistency in its communications and branding. Branding helps COA communicate our unique educational mission, and is a foundation to our communications efforts. These guidelines have been developed to assist all members of the college community in presenting a unified, professional image to our many constituencies. They are an important part of our overall effort to improve the visibility and image of the college and are to be implemented in developing all printed or electronic materials.

Please review these guidelines carefully before creating any materials using the COA identity. A consistent use of the College of the Atlantic logo and branding elements is critical to establishing and maintaining a unified identity.

  • An official COA logo should be on all materials produced by college areas, programs, student groups, or offices (posters, flyers, invitations, merchandise).
  • Materials intended for external use, or that may be passed externally from the college via hard copy, digital means, or social media, should have the appropriate logo and include the name “College of the Atlantic.”
  • No independent logo creation/usage should be implemented by college areas, programs, or offices. (Please contact the director of communications for more information.)

COA logo

Use: All College of the Atlantic printed and digital materials intended for external use, or that may be passed externally from the college, must use the COA logo.

  • The logo should be displayed in a prominent location, but can be a secondary element.
  • Use high-resolution, legible digital artwork of the logo.
  • When a logo is reduced or enlarged, the proportion of all the elements in the logo must remain the same.

Elements: The term logo refers to the graphic elements and logotype (wordmark, and tagline) shown below. COA’s logo is composed of three elements combined in specific alignment and proportions to form the logo:

  1. Wordmark: College of the Atlantic
  2. Graphic elements: the circular runic symbol and stylized wave
  3. Tagline: “life changing. world changing.”

Colors: The COA colors — blue and green — are meant to suggest the natural world. COA’s official publication ink colors are:

  • blue (PMS 661, CMYK 100/69/0/9, HEX 003399)
  • green (PMS 624, CMYK 44/0/35/20, HEX 669999)

When the logo is printed in two colors, green is used for the graphic elements and blue for the wordmark. The tagline “life changing.” is printed in green and “world changing.” in blue.

The logo should be used in a size and resolution large enough to ensure clear reproduction and legibility. It is preferable to use the complete logotype, but there may be occasions when the logo may not fit the composition, and so there are several different logo options for both print and web publications. For additional logo options, please contact the Director of Creative Services.

Logo downloads