• June 22 Pantsuit Nation founder Libby Chamberlain is at College of the Atlantic as part of the 2018 summer event series.
    College of the Atlantic’s summer event series, including Coffee and Conversations, a feature art exhibit, and the second annual Champlain Institute, brings scholars, artists, activists, political leaders, conservationists and others to the College’s seaside campus for intriguing explorations of creativity, religion, current events, international relations, and more.
  • June 19 A local woman (front) teaches a tourist how to fish for horse mackerel at a port on Ojika Island in Nagasaki Prefecture on...
    As Japan as a whole struggles with a rapidly aging and declining population, some of its remote islands are taking bold steps to rejuvenate themselves, attracting both young people and tourists. The town of Osakikamijima is trying to lure a branch campus of the College of the Atlantic in Maine.
  • June 18 bill carpenter
    College of the Atlantic creative writing professor and founding faculty member Dr. Bill Carpenter shares a humorous, heartfelt reflection on the history of the college at the annual Laurel Ceremony for graduating seniors.
  • June 13 The College of the Atlantic class of 2018.
    College of the Atlantic’s annual graduation ceremony gathers smiling families, friends, alumni, faculty, staff, and students for a grand sendoff celebration.
  • May 23 Ed Kaelber
    College of the Atlantic founding president Ed Kaelber is remembered as a kind, bright soul with infectious optimism, brilliant interpersonal skills, and uncommon wisdom. He set the college on a solid path forward during its crucial first years, and continued to influence its success until his death at age 94.
  • May 21 College of the Atlantic founding president Ed Kaelber
    Edward Kaelber, founding president of the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor and founder of the Maine Community Foundation, died Thursday at The Colonnades senior living community in Charlottesville, Virginia. He was 94.
  • May 15 Scientists warn that their research shows that replacing coal with wood pellets in power plants is not carbon neutral.
    Both the UK and EU appear to have slipped through a large loophole in order to “disappear” real emissions from their carbon accounting, thus undermining the Paris Agreement’s critically important carbon-mitigation strategies. COA global environmental politics professor Doreen Stabinsky weighs in.
  • May 14 College of the Atlantic students participate in intensive field research in the Sierra Nevada.
    A month-long geoscience research program in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains has College of the Atlantic students surveying soil conditions, assessing geohazards, kayaking, and doing homework under lantern light as they gain critical professional experience in the field.
  • May 7 Humpback whales were nearly hunted out of existence in the late 19th and most of the 20th centuries until treaties were si...
    College of the Atlantic Steven K. Katona Chair in Marine Sciences Dr. Sean Todd says that his first-hand observations agree with findings that humpbacks who live and breed in the southern oceans near Antarctica appear to be making a comeback, but that many dangers still lurk.
  • April 30 Jenna Farineau '18, received a $10,000 grant to establish in seed bank in West Africa to help with the issue of
    A community-managed seed bank will be created in Albreda, The Gambia, West Africa this summer thanks to a Kathryn W. Davis 100 Projects for Peace grant awarded to College of the Atlantic senior Jenna Farineau ’18.