• April 25 Abby Barrows ’18, studies microplastics in the world’s oceans - small pieces of plastic resulting from the disposa...
    A global research initiative led by a College of the Atlantic graduate student uncovers alarming levels of microplastic pollution in ocean waters around the globe.
  • April 24 HELIO 2016 comprised extensive local fieldwork with the residents of the Seto Inland Sea Island of Ōsakikamijima, Japan, ...
    In 2014, a group of residents of the island town of Ōsakikamijima, Japan, invited College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor to help them start a college. The idea began with a small group of people seeking to revitalize their town, introduce new educational ideas, promote a year-round community, and reverse youth flight.
  • April 20 Carrie Graham
    A showcase at the Maine Historical Society, including a giant sandwich from College of the Atlantic, explores everything from iconic lobster and spuds to the more modern sustainability movement.
  • April 18 His Excelleny President Anote Tong of the Micronesian island nation of Kiribati speaks at College of the Atlantic’s ...

    Prominent environmental advocate His Excellency Anote Tong, who led the Micronesian island nation from 2003 to 2016, is the keynote speaker at College of the Atlantic’s 45th graduation.

  • March 26
    The world’s largest annual meeting on the earth and space sciences awards Outstanding Student Presentation to College of the Atlantic’s Alba Mar Rodríguez Padilla ‘18 for her earthquake research in eastern Canada.
  • March 20 Great Duck Island, home to COA’s Alice Eno Field Research Station.
    In the morning fog the captain moors his boat, Osprey. We can’t see Great Duck Island, which is only 250 feet away. The 46-foot boat, which belongs to College of the Atlantic, is bringing professor John Anderson and four students back to the island this morning, 16 miles from Bar Harbor, Maine, to continue their bird research.
  • March 13 The North Atlantic Right whale
    Using sound to track the presence of North Atlantic right whales could help protect the critically endangered creatures from further deadly interactions with humans, College of the Atlantic Steven K. Katona Chair in Marine Sciences Dr. Sean Todd tells the Bangor Daily News.
  • March 7
    At the heart of College of the Atlantic, Take-a-Break (TAB) is the place to gather, share delicious food, converse, plan, and create. For one special month, a group of students bring new culinary, social, and historical perspectives to the dining hall as part of the annual Anthropology of Food TAB Takeover.
  • March 2
    The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes, the Gotham Award-winning experimental short-form series created by COA film professor Nancy Andrews, avoids easy categorization, incorporating elements of sci-fi, musical, and afro-futurism.
  • February 14
    Elements of oral history, ocean policy, and Geographic Information Systems are all part of the mix for College of the Atlantic students as they investigate the ties between coastal fishing families and the ocean ecosystems they depend on.