• November 19
    Protesters need to understand and engage with global power structures, says College of the Atlantic professor of global environmental politics Doreen Stabinsky.
  • November 13
    The White House’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement reinforces higher education’s sense of urgency and unity to rapidly scale solutions, train the new workforce for a green economy, and continue to act as stewards of our nation’s students and their future.
  • October 31
    The performing arts are getting a boost at College of the Atlantic, with the completion of the Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman Chair in the Performing Arts, a $1.25 million endowed faculty position. Professor Jodi Baker has been named the first COA Woodward-Newman Chair.
  • October 23

    Broad integration of sustainability into the curriculum, development of a fossil fuel-free campus, and an experiential learning pedagogy push College of the Atlantic to the number one spot in The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges for the fourth year in a row.

  • October 21

    Tiny plankton, the powerhouse of the Atlantic Ocean, are the focus of a year-long water quality monitoring study designed by Analise Wittenberg ’20 as part of her College of the Atlantic senior project. The data can tell us a lot about the health of local waters.

  • October 15
    With its energy-efficient buildings, off-campus organic farms, and recycling and composting program, College of the Atlantic is unquestionably one of the most environmentally committed campuses in the country.
  • October 9
    Whales face a perilous situation as rapidly rising water temperatures affect their food sources, habitats, and migration patterns, College of the Atlantic Steven K. Katona Chair in Marine Sciences Dr. Sean Todd tells National Public Radio as part of their new series, From Miami To Maine: Adapting To a Changing Climate.
  • October 7
    Working as crew members aboard College of the Atlantic’s marine research boat M/V Osprey, Jenny Reichart ’20 and Uakevelua “Nice” Munekamba ’20 experience the highs and lows of life on the ocean.
  • October 2 College of the Atlantic’s oceanfront campus is sandwiched between Maine’s Frenchman Bay a...
    Prospective students and their families will tour campus, join classes, explore the Acadia National Park area, and converse with faculty, students, and staff about life at College of the Atlantic. Register by October 7 for the two-day event, which takes place Oct. 14-15.
  • October 1
    The top five baccalaureate colleges for sustainability are College of the Atlantic, Colby College, Dickinson College, Sterling College, and Middlebury College, according to new annual ranking by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.