• October 17 l
    A report calling for major reductions in meat consumption in order to mitigate impending, catastrophic climate change from global warming is co-authored by College of the Atlantic global environmental politics professor Dr. Doreen Stabinsky.
  • October 12 This three-course expeditionary program gives COA students an opportunity to experience first-hand the incredible topograp...
    Ecology and Natural History of the American West is an intensive, field-based expeditionary program which takes students from Oregon to New Mexico and everywhere in between, giving them a fully immersive experience in the habitats and landscapes of the Western United States.
  • October 10 ll
    Abe Noe-Hays ’00 and his Rich Earth Institute are pioneering the use of urine as fertilizer and offering a solution to a mounting, global phosphorus crisis.
  • October 10 Maya Critchfield '16
    Maya Critchfield grew up in Southern Maine and graduated from College of the Atlantic in 2016 after studying fiber arts, creative writing and graphic design.
  • October 9 l
    Expanding our understanding of the many species of animals living around us is crucial to protecting the Earth’s biodiversity, evolutionary ecologist Dr. Dan Janzen tells College of the Atlantic’s Human Ecology Forum, and with the advent of DNA barcoding, it’s easier now than ever before.
  • October 2 i
    College of the Atlantic’s Outdoor Orientation Programs (OOPs) include hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and more, giving incoming students opportunities to discover themselves, their classmates, and the great outdoors. The Baxter Peaks trip sends students on a six-day journey through Maine’s rugged Baxter State Park.
  • September 26 l
    Scientists and students working with College of the Atlantic Allied Whale help conserve and protect an iconic species - and the ocean environments they depend on.
  • September 26 b
    Researchers with College of the Atlantic and University of Maine are examining honey and maple operations to understand how the changing climate is limiting opportunities for growth.
  • September 25 COA students and local teachers use mindfulness training to become better teachers and facilitators to their future students.

    College of the Atlantic students and education professionals study place-based education, mindfulness, and connecting the local with the global at the Sustainable Coastal Communities, Educators, Students, and Schools Institute, a collaboration between COA and Island Institute.

  • September 25 Maine's first independent senator, Angus King visits COA to speak with students about pressing issues in our nation's Cong...
    United States Senator Angus King hosts a discussion in the Thorndike Library with COA students.