• December 3 Gillian Welch '19 prepares butternut squash for winter storage in a greenhouse at COA Beech Hill Farm.
    In a field where upcoming generations of farmers once learned farming from their parents and grandparents directly on the land, more and more future farmers and food systems policy makers are enrolling in Maine post-secondary degree programs, such as those at College of the Atlantic, focusing on agriculture, food sovereignty and sustainable growing.
  • December 4 Mealtime at College of the Atlantic
    The way we approach our food systems and our daily meals should be considered a vital part of the undergraduate curriculum, writes College of the Atlantic President Darron Collins ’92. “Unlimited access to comfort foods might be enticing, but I find it misguided. We should be inspiring prospective students with how food is grown, prepared and consumed.”
  • October 17 l
    A report calling for major reductions in meat consumption in order to mitigate impending, catastrophic climate change from global warming is co-authored by College of the Atlantic global environmental politics professor Dr. Doreen Stabinsky.
  • December 11 Trekking across frozen lakes in the middle of the Maine Wilderness is all part of a day's work for Traditional Skills Club...
    Through the turning of fall, winter, and spring, students in College of the Atlantic’s experiential outdoor program learn how to navigate, survive, and thrive in the rugged Maine Wilderness.
  • November 16 k
    College of the Atlantic James Russell Wiggins Chair in Government and Polity Dr. Jamie McKown and math professor David Feldman explain the twisted reasoning behind Gerrymandering, a process of manipulating voting districts that has become a way for politicians to shape the vote in their favor.
  • November 16 College of the Atlantic Edward McC. Blair Marine Research Station on Mount Desert Rock is used by COA researchers as ...
    The speed of change sunk home recently while planning a vacation to the Gulf of Maine: that northern strip of New England coast from Cape Anne, just north of Boston, to the northern tip of Maine and southern tip of Nova Scotia. College of the Atlantic professor John Anderson points out the Gulf of Maine is warming faster than any similar body of water in the world.
  • November 5 l
    A passion for marine biology leads College of the Atlantic student Grace Caltabiano ’19 on two internships to Japan’s “Galápagos of The East,” where she joins efforts to protect endangered green sea turtles.
  • October 31 l
    Even Jasmine Bourgeois ’17, the New Hampshire native who started College of the Atlantic’s zine collection, hadn’t heard the term until her sophomore year, when she stumbled upon zines while working on an independent study about underground feminist art. But as Jane Hultberg, the director of the Thorndike Library says, “anyone who creates a zine is ‘transforming thought into action to make a difference in the world,’” and as such, Bourgeois had found a medium that is right at home at COA.
  • October 29 l
    College of the Atlantic graduate student and Allied Whale research associate Kate Pielmeier ’19 spends her summer conducting a survey of harbor porpoises in Frenchman Bay, just off COA’s waterfront campus.
  • October 24 Kira West Phil '18, right, with Bridget Adenjanyu, left, and Bridget Awosika, center, of Adeyemi College of Education in O...

    The 23rd International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology brings together transdisciplinary thinkers from 35 countries and scores of colleges, universities, and private sector companies for four days of presentations, symposiums, and exchange in Lisbon, Portugal.