• April 10
    Poet, essayist, and cultural critic Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib will be the keynote speaker at College of the Atlantic’s 2017 commencement celebration.
  • April 3
    A select group of students will join the frontlines of cutting-edge genetic science thanks to a new academic collaboration between The Jackson Laboratory and College of the Atlantic.
  • April 24

    Instead of just pushing students to recycle and take shorter showers or use just one paper towel here and there, a number of schools have made deeper commitments to being green — including plans to cut down fossil fuel usage, increase spending on local and organic food and teach about sustainability.

  • April 18

    College of the Atlantic’s farm-based and student-coordinated food access program is now taking applications.

  • April 18
    [Re]Produce, a sustainable farm-surplus startup pioneered by Anita van Dam ’19 and Grace Burchard ’17, will compete in the 2017 University of Maine Business Challenge Finals.
  • April 17
    In 2016, a prototype college program based on College of the Atlantic was created on the island of Ōsakikamijima, Japan, with the first students designing the future college. The Human Ecology Lab in Ōsakikamijima was both a proof of concept and a demonstration of the ways that students could learn through community-based projects in sustainable energy, food systems, design thinking, entrepreneurship and community activism.
  • April 13
    “Everything we work on is involved in the community. It isn’t theoretical, but real,” Spencer Gray ’17 tells the Portland Press Herald. Many College of the Atlantic students like Gray self-direct their studies, and there are ample opportunities for collaborations with other students and the one-on-one interactions with professors that small colleges afford.
  • April 11
    A new community-supported bookseller program, reminiscent of community-supported agriculture, characterizes Samantha Haskell ’10’s plans for her ownership of Blue Hill Bookstore.
  • April 10
    Maine Public Radio hosts College of the Atlantic James Russell Wiggins Chair in Government and Polity Dr. Jamie McKown, alongside colleagues from University of Southern Maine and Bates College, for an analysis on the latest from Washington.
  • April 10
    A horse-drawn carriage journey across France’s “diagonal of emptiness” highlights Emma Burke ’17’s interdisciplinary senior project.