• September 23 Students, staff, and faculty line up for COVID-19 tests at the beginning of fall term.
    A full roster of online, hybrid, and in-person classes are underway following baseline testing of the College of the Atlantic community.
  • September 8 Open Table MDI cofounder Mahandeva Singh
    The MDI Food Access Project is a collaborative effort of Open Table MDI, College of the Atlantic, Healthy Acadia, and the Bar Harbor Food Pantry to deliver fresh produce, dry goods, and prepared foods to areas of Mount Desert Island underserved by local food-security organizations.
  • August 27
    State-of-the-art storage improvements and enhanced preservation and protection of more than 3,000 animal specimens are on tap for the COA George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History following an award of $96,000 from the Institute for Museum and Library Services and a $23,000 gift from the Dorr Foundation.
  • August 13
    College of the Atlantic reopens campus residence halls and classrooms for Fall term with protocols in place for physical distancing and face coverings, adaptations to campus services, and a test, trace, isolate plan to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 spread on campus.
  • July 24 The COA Mount Desert Center at 141 Main Street, Northeast Harbor, will comprise energy-efficient ...
    College of the Atlantic is joining with community revitalization group Mount Desert 365 to bring a new, mixed use development to downtown Northeast Harbor. The COA Mount Desert Center will comprise an environmentally sustainable, three-story structure at 141 Main Street, with year-round apartments for student and faculty housing and street-level retail space.
  • July 20
    College of the Atlantic partners with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for coronavirus PCR testing as part of a broader plan to safely reopen the COA campus for Fall term 2020.
  • July 13
    Former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton and bestselling author and social entrepreneur Wes Moore bookend the fourth annual College of the Atlantic Champlain Institute, which turns the spotlight on issues leading up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.
  • July 10
    The history of Blacks in Maine is very much a story about Whiteness: its endurance, its entitlement, the ultimate disadvantage of its oneness. In 1790, Maine was 98 percent white. While the rest of the nation morphed and diversified into ever new incarnations of diversity, Maine has essentially stood still.
  • June 15
    College of the Atlantic is committed to envisioning, articulating, and enacting a human ecology that is affirmatively anti-racist, that does not tolerate any form of discrimination or racism, and that lifts up Black voices and the voices of other historically under-represented and marginalized groups.
  • June 4
    The Framework for Reopening Maine’s Colleges and Universities in Fall 2020 includes strategies and practices that can be implemented in partnership with civil and public health leaders to improve safety on campus and limit the spread of COVID-19. A number of Maine higher-ed institutions collaborated on the framework, including College of the Atlantic.