• August 25
    College of the Atlantic President Darron Collins ’92 will relinquish his role at the end of the academic year after more than 12 years at the helm.
  • May 3

    Alejandra Morales Torres ’23 will provide a six-week mental and emotional health course for children staying at a support and refugee center in her hometown of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and will create a permanent reading and wellness space there following a $10,000 Projects for Peace award.

  • April 26
    Close to three quarters of College of the Atlantic’s electricity will be provided by a regional solar farm as part of a new agreement, marking an important step towards the school’s goal of eliminating fossil fuel usage by 2030.
  • August 17 Herring Gull
    A viral video of a herring gull swallowing an entire squirrel whole has many people shocked and horrified. But the people who study these birds, including College of the Atlantic W.H. Drury Professor of Ecology/Natural History John Anderson, say there’s nothing to be alarmed about.
  • July 21
    Some of the greatest living explorers, writers, artists, and thinkers will gather at the 2023 College of the Atlantic Summer Institute: Reimagining Exploration, held in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, on campus and streaming online.
  • June 30 Road Line, by Andy Goldsworthy, will run 1,500 feet through the College of the Atlantic campus.
    The 1,500-foot-long Road Line, comprised of granite curbstone, will start on Eden Street and run through the heart of campus toward the ocean.
  • June 29
    Great Duck Island is a notoriously tough place to land a boat. There’s no dock, just a steep, slippery ramp on the island’s exposed south side, which can only be approached in a Zodiac on a day when seas are under four feet. But one afternoon late last September, a pair of students from Bar Harbor’s College of the Atlantic finessed the landing and hauled hundreds of pounds of boat and passengers partway up the ramp—saving us not only from slipping but also from the dreaded “ass slapper,” a ledge where breaking waves tend to soak one’s derriere.
  • June 13
    College of the Atlantic welcomed its 50th graduating class during an energetic commencement ceremony held on a beautiful spring day before hundreds of family members and friends.
  • May 30
    The promise of discovery and the hard-to-resolve ethical questions about the impacts of exploration on both human and non-human communities are the focus of the College of the Atlantic Summer Institute: Reimagining Exploration, held in collaboration with The National Geographic Society. Attendance is free but registration is required.
  • May 30 Ninoska Isaias Ngomana ’23
    College of the Atlantic’s 50th commencement ceremony features several graduating seniors, with diverse academic interests from economics to Black studies, anthropology, education, art, and the humanities, who will provide a student welcome, perspectives on the student experience, and an introduction to keynote speaker Dr. Julietta Singh.