• May 30
    The promise of discovery and the hard-to-resolve ethical questions about the impacts of exploration on both human and non-human communities are the focus of the College of the Atlantic Summer Institute: Reimagining Exploration, held in collaboration with The National Geographic Society. Attendance is free but registration is required.
  • May 30 Ninoska Isaias Ngomana ’23
    College of the Atlantic’s 50th commencement ceremony features several graduating seniors, with diverse academic interests from economics to Black studies, anthropology, education, art, and the humanities, who will provide a student welcome, perspectives on the student experience, and an introduction to keynote speaker Dr. Julietta Singh. 
  • May 24

    Wriley Hodge ’24, a College of the Atlantic student with a passion for seabirds and the islands they inhabit, is named a Barry Goldwater Scholar, a prestigious, highly selective designation supporting students intending to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

  • May 18
    Acclaimed artist Andy Goldsworthy, known for his environmentally oriented, site-specific installations that span the globe, will create Road Line at College of the Atlantic—his first permanent artwork in the State of Maine. 
  • May 18
    The lion of early March is quickly becoming a lamb as 30-degree days become 40-degree days and snow turns into rain. The ground is thawing, and crocuses are peeking up from the soil. All this means the team at College of the Atlantic Beech Hill Farm in Mount Desert has begun preparing for a busy growing season.
  • May 3

    Alejandra Morales Torres ’23 will provide a six-week mental and emotional health course for children staying at a support and refugee center in her hometown of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and will create a permanent reading and wellness space there following a $10,000 Projects for Peace award.

  • April 26
    Close to three quarters of College of the Atlantic’s electricity will be provided by a regional solar farm as part of a new agreement, marking an important step towards the school’s goal of eliminating fossil fuel usage by 2030.
  • April 21

    Newly named Thomas J. Watson Fellow Charles-Olivier Lévesque ’23 will travel through Europe and Asia after graduating from College of the Atlantic to explore how collaborative experiments within communities can address social and environmental issues on both regional and global scales. 

  • April 12
    Setouchi Global Academy, College of the Atlantic’s new affiliate school on the Seto Inland Sea, is structured around place-based, experiential learning and on a mission to make positive change in the world.

  • April 10 COA’s new residential hall sequesters biogenic carbon through the incorporation of heavy mass t...
    A new residential hall being built at College of the Atlantic is using a wooden structural design that is becoming more popular because of its environmental benefits, though the manufacture of such wood products has yet to catch on in Maine.