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    Cool blues on a wintry day at the College of the Atlantic waterfront.
    #collegeoftheatlantic #barharbor #photocred: Yoi Ashida/COA News
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    Powered by COA’s dedication to #sustainability and high performance throughout, the Center for Human #Ecology represents new guideposts for what is possible for forward-looking #academic buildings in a far northern #climate -Read more: https://t.co/94o2KxpN31 https://t.co/7J3h6Wtjuc
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    College of the Atlantic President Darron Collins ’92 looks back on a life-changing summer with the Student Conservation Association as #COA announces a $10,000 annual scholarship to eligible SCA alumni. Read more: https://t.co/0mzcuOu9xr
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    The family stories Enoch heard painted a #lifestyle that was tied to the land and planted a seed within her that eventually led Enoch to College of The Atlantic, and its farming and food systems program. More about her COA experience https://t.co/1v0M4sZRDI


  • Hi there! We’re super excited to have you join us! Great question about work study. While it is preferable that our farm workers have a car, it’s certainly not required. Last year, Beech Hill Farm (BHF) received a grant to purchase a Nissan Leaf for the express purpose of getting BHF workers to and from their shifts. Work study students coordinate with each other to carpool. 

    p.s. There are electric charging stations at both COA and the farm, so your commute in the Leaf will be petrol-free!



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