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    What an incredible weekend!
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    Remote Mount Desert Rock #Marine Field Station a Challenging but Rewarding Haven for Research [Environmental Monitor] https://t.co/pKkpLmPelJ
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    Curious to see what the daily lives of COA students look like? Check our Flickr gallery to find photos of our daily #adventures ! Link here: https://t.co/mLgLCgFhCz  https://t.co/WP2mOWd5D2
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    “Environmental Politics for a Changing World”, co-written by COA Prof. Doreen Stabinsky is a textbook for introductory environmental politics. Emphasizes the nature of power providing the reader with theories and skills to engage in political action. https://t.co/tv8GzVOXmC


  • Congressman Jared Golden , representing the 2nd District of Maine, visited campus last week to hear from a number of our students who have focused their studies on climate justice. The group met in the very classroom where many students have learned about climate change from every angle–math, physics, earth science, economics, anthropology, food systems. Thank you, Rep. Golden, for visiting; and thank you students for showing us how to put words into action.



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