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    An important point made by Dr. Jacquelyn Gill ’05. There is a great disparity between the treatment of predominately white protestors and antiracism and climate change activists of color.
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    Students showing off their felted soap in last week’s hand working session! Every Friday, students meet on zoom to work on their own projects, ranging from crocheting to needle felting. 😊
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    “Net Zero by 2050 to solve the climate crisis is a misleading myth”— COA professor of global environmental politics @doreenstabinsky and 40 other scientists and academics. Read more busted myths about carbon offsetting and net zero targets:


  • Hey there, thanks for checking in! We generally look for the following from prospective students: strong, thoughtful writing, demonstration of challenging oneself—personally and intellectually—thorough understanding of COA, and a desire to begin self-directed study with a human ecological focus. We’re test optional (we’ll consider standardized test scores if you ask us to), and while a strong GPA is significant, we know it doesn’t tell the whole story. Engagement with the world is important to us, so we’re looking for folks who are involved with their communities in ways that are meaningful to them. If you’re into statistics, you ...