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    Here @collegeatlantic @AbiBarrows just gave her thesis defense on microplastics and noted: “Unchecked, plastic pollution in the ocean will outweigh fish.” An incredible piece of work by Abi.
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    We are thrilled to share our calendar for Summer 2018 at COA, sponsored by the Champlain Society! Download the PDF here to save the dates: https://t.co/c0v1X5M0eZ
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    RT @galvin_jen: “The founders decided to emphasize teaching over research, and interdisciplinary collaboration over specialization… You h…


  • Hi there. Not a silly question at all – we love our plants here! We often have students who stay on campus during breaks, and it’s not uncommon to find them pet sitting or plant sitting for out-of-town friends. While we have no formal process for making such arrangements, we’re confident that if you start asking around early, you’ll find plenty of plant-loving folks willing to help you out.