• Mark your calendars for August 16 at 2:00pm because we will be livestreaming a campus tour ! Whether campus is a wee bit too far to visit, or you’ve visited before and are wanting a refresher on our campus and facilities, come (virtually) hangout with  Elise Martin ’19  for the hour. 

    Every tour features our award-wining dining hall, our science labs, art studios, and on-campus housing, but every tour guide provides a unique perspective and insight into designing a major in human ecology –something all COA students must do. 



  • Humpback whales have the longest pectoral flippers of all whales, reaching lengths up to 15 feet! Along the right side of this flipper (the leading edge) you can see rounded tubercles and whale barnacles along these tubercles. Humpback whale’s long flippers allow for improved maneuverability during their unique feeding behaviors. • • This great photo was captured by COA Allied Whale Research Assistant Sarah on the Bar Harbor Whale Watch.