• Hi there! If you’re interested in environmental journalism, we encourage you to think about what kinds of classes you’d want to take as an undergrad. COA is a great place to learn in-depth about the environmental issues one would write about as a journalist, and you could also take a number of classes in ethnography and writing, but we don’t have depth in journalism itself (there’s basically just one journalism class here). You could definitely create your own independent studies, projects, and internships related to journalism at COA, but if you want a



  • Insta takeover! Join Lucy Dabbs ’25 as she takes over our Insta stories with a look into life at COA this Friday and Sunday, Oct. 22 and 24. Hope to see you there! . Hello! 🌸 I’m Lucy (she/her) and I’m a first year student at COA. I grew up on Denman Island on the west coast of Canada � and completed highschool at UWC ISAK Japan in 2020. � I took a gap year where I did volunteer conservation fieldwork, experimental filmmaking, and worked at a chocolate factory. 😉 . At COA my passion is with film and animation. 📷 I also enjoy learning bike maintenance, 🚲 exploring the running trails, &#4.3535385751639E+43; and being a part of Earth In Brackets [Earth]. 🌱 … #takeover #collegelife #insidelook #collegeoftheatlantic #experientiallearning #selfdirectededucation #maine