• Updated: April, 24 2020
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COVID-19 Info.

COA’s official info, lots of important content.  Find answers to your question here. 

Student Life staff 

Student Life is ready to support you throughout spring term. SLuke, Ingrid, Barbara, Dianne, Sarah K, and Nick are available to connect by email, phone, gchat, google hangouts/meet or zoom if you have questions or want to connect.

Check out the Student Life page for our offerings and more info.

Physical and mental health

Need some information or help? This is the place to learn how to sign up for or locate counseling, to find links to help locate local medical resources, and to understand how to use your COA insurance wherever you are.


Staying healthy and managing stress in these times can be challenging. These resources are a place to start, including weekly hatha yoga with Heather and weekly kundalini yoga with Mahandeva. 

Writing Center

The writing center is going online.  Students will have the ability to schedule face-to-face meetings with tutors via Zoom. Students will also have the option to receive asynchronous tutoring through comments and questions made directly on Google Docs.  Students can book tutoring sessions—both synchronous and asynchronous—through the online appointment center. Look for an email from the writing center soon.  

Time management and study skills

Study Skills and Time Management with Liz Rabasca can be scheduled in Schedulicity the same way you always have, however please note the following:

  • Liz will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:00pm - 5:30pm, with each appointment being 30 minutes.
  • When scheduling your appointment please include your email address and phone number.
  • Liz will contact students for appointments through “Google meet” so be looking for her invite in your email.

Thorndike Library

Library staff and our wonderful work-study crew scattered around the globe are looking forward to meeting your library needs this term!  Here are a few things we want to be sure you know.

International students

Dianne is still here to help you maintain your F-1 status, navigate OPT and CPT applications, deal with your taxes, and answer other immigration and transition related questions.


COA² will be offering online spring workshops in response to  student requests. These will be accessible asynchronously and synchronously, depending on the subject. Watch out for more detailed announcements about accessing the following workshops:

  • Food access:  available asynchronously by Saturday, April 11, 2020.
  • Off-campus housing:  available synchronously on Tuesday, April 14, 4:10-5:30 p.m. ET.
  • Identifying academic interests and career goals:  available synchronously on Monday, April 20, 4:10-5:30 p.m. ET.

Emergency financial support

In the wake of the necessary campus closure and move to online instruction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, College of the Atlantic recognizes that some students may be experiencing financial hardships. Because some students may now find themselves without the resources they need to succeed, COA has set up a student emergency fund.  More info here.

In case of emergency 
  • COA emergency line: 207-288-9001
  • Student Life emergency line: 207-266-5890
  • R.A. phone: 207-266-3421


All College Meeting

Same meeting, new channel.  Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET.  See email for Zoom link/pw. COA community members can view governance committee minutes here.


HeLaCell, in true experimental fashion, is now developing a student commons by adapting their blogspace into a more comprehensive virtual social sphere. Intended HeLaCellto be a more informal platform, HeLaCell uses the spaces you already know at COA to navigate through different conversations and happenings at the college.   An experiment with COA’s social energy!  www.helacell.net 

Outing Club online

That’s not a typo, we’re going online!  Daily by Giaime Mameli and Morgane Saint-Cyrvideos of MDI adventures, cool skills, scavenger hunts to get you offline and (safely) outside, ways to share your outings from around the world. 

 Website - Instagram - YouTube

Residence Life online

RezLife is on the move! RAs are reaching out to build house community online- look out for that communication. In addition, RAs are working on a number of initiatives to build connection community wide.

  • My favorite things:  a weekly theme around which community members can share a photo or video which will be edited into a slideshow and shared at the end of the week. Edited by Yoi Ashida
  • COA Minecraft:  a Minecraft server for people to join, play, and build a virtual community. The server is open to everyone at COA. Contact Vonnie Love if interested.
  • GISHCOAHES:  a scavenger hunt of epic proportions, based loosely on Misha Collin’s GISHWHES, comes to COA!  If you are interested in being part of the search, contact Olivia Jolley for more information.  Website here
  • Rare books:  a book club for unique and unconventional fiction. If you want in, contact Camden Hunt

Interactive arts platform

Jodi Baker, arts faculty, the Blum Gallery, and HeLacell are partnering to build an interactive online virtual art and performance commons to house and share any/all of COA studio and performing art projects currently in development including senior project work.   More info coming soon! 

Springtime teatime

It’s Back! SAC and partners are bringing you live wood carving with Deirdre and Aaron, and live handwork with Karen.  Also…cookie recipes, good times, and, of course, a fire. Hosted on HeLaCell.  Join us here!


Heather Lakey and Gray Cox are co-hosting  Philosophy@4: Chatting in the Cloud, every Wednesday at 4 pm EST on Zoom.  It’s a kind of existential café or coffee house for students who want to discuss philosophy, philosophers or just general existential angst.
Sessions open with a specific philosophical problem, thought experiment, or textual passage and then open out to connect with things people are reading in various courses or experiencing in life.  Zoom in here.

COA Governance Archive

(accessible only by coa.edu email accounts)

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