Who lives off campus?

Just over half of all COA students live off campus, typically in houses or apartments shared with other students. Students who started as first-years can elect to live off campus after one year at COA. Transfer students may choose to live off campus beginning with their first term.

Why live off campus?

Living off campus, students can choose their own housemates and live more independently. And with so many students living in town, there’s also a lively off-campus culture of gatherings, potlucks, and creative projects. You may find that the short walk or bike-ride to and from town can be a grounding bookend to the day.

How far away is off-campus housing?

Off-campus housing is typically no further than 1.3 miles from campus, about a 25 minute walk. The college-operated Night Bus and winter term Day Bus shuttle students to and from campus, allowing for convenient travel home as well as to the movie theater, grocery stores, and YMCA—helpful especially in cold or rainy weather or when you’ve bought three bags of groceries!