Student editors representing Bateau Press. Bateau Press

Bateau Press is a letterpress publisher of chapbooks and an annual magazine. We churn out the highest quality, well-designed, environmentally-minded package of literature known to man.

COA Foodies

A newsletter produced by students working in sustainable food systems at COA. 

Collaborative Portraits

A visual yearbook published each spring.

Edge of Eden

COA’s creative journal. While it is frequently a zine-type volume, it has been a poster, a CD, and even a scroll.

Off the Wall

The student newspaper archive. This publication has a long and storied history, beginning with posts that were on the wall. Community notes are now shared by email and many would-be submissions are currently included in other student publications. 

Outlands Journal

This journal of the College of the Atlantic Council on Foreign Affairs covers a range of topics including current events, students’ overseas experiences, and foreign policy analysis.