Day Bus/Night Bus

Public safety operates a student-driven night bus service while school is in session. The night bus operates between 7:30 and 11:30 p.m., making trips from campus to various locations around Bar Harbor. During the winter term, the college also operates a day bus that runs from 7–11 a.m. Hours, routes, and contact information will be circulated to students during the term.


Bicycle racks are located at the entrances to most college buildings. We recommend the use of bike locks, especially for overnight parking. Bike sheds for longer-term, covered storage of bikes are located by Blair/Tyson and in the Kathryn W. Davis Village. 

Bicyclists are encouraged to ride on the Eden Street sidewalk between the college and downtown Bar Harbor. Please be mindful of pedestrians!


COA community members must register their vehicles each year with the Office of Public Safety. Registration is required within the first seven days of the fall term, or within seven days of any term in which the owner/driver of the vehicle becomes a COA community member.

If you are not going to use your vehicle for ten days, park in the North Lot. If you will be away and would like to store your vehicle on campus, you must receive approval from the Office of Public Safety. If you have guests on campus, it is your responsibility to inform them of appropriate parking. ADA permits are available from the Office of Public Safety.

Vehicles, whether for delivery or otherwise, parked on the COA campus are not allowed to idle for more than five minutes.