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Hatchery Student Ventures

Hatchery Student Ventures

Spring 2012 Ventures

Juan Olmedo will pursue his business plan for La Coyotera, an organic agave farm and production facility in Mexico. Juan plans to spend the spring researching the American market for his organic agave sweetener. His venture combines ancient sustainable harvesting techniques and Juan's keen eye for the modern market.

Zabet NeuCollins, James Crawford and Bogdan Zymka will refine their plans to launch an internet radio station based at COA. The station hopes to broadcast everything from music to lectures to creative talk shows — they hope to create a broad-reaching creative outlet for much of the brilliant thinking (and singing and rapping and revolution-plotting) that goes on here at COA.

Luke Madden is a filmmaker who will be working to show his short film at various film festivals in the US. He has almost finished creating his film, and will use the Hatchery as a forum to learn a bit more about the film industry and what it might take to share his art with larger audiences.

Margaret Fetzer-Rogers and Benjamin Hitchcock will work to create a Bar Harbor Arts & Community Resource Center. Already having created quite a buzz and a lot of momentum both on campus and beyond, these students plan to roll up their sleeves this spring to sort out what will need to be done in order to bring their vision of a free and open space for all in the center of downtown Bar Harbor into a reality.

Christian Wagner has already begun selling his handmade, high quality chairs, and will use his time in the Hatchery to create a marketing portfolio for Río Furniture & Design. Christian has been working with weavers in Yucatan, Mexico for the seats of the chairs and will further pursue professional relationships with sustainable harvesters in Mexico for the wood he uses.

Lisa Bjerke and Alex Pine are working as consultants to a process which brings affordable solar energy to non-profit organizations on Mount Desert Island. Acting as liaisons between MDI Clean Energy Partners, a newly established L3C, and COA, Bjerke and Pine (both born catalysts) hope to establish a model by which other non-profits are able to take advantage of this important (but expensive) shift to renewable energy.

Nathan Thanki will be working on the already successful blog [earth], aka Earth In Brackets. Launched over 5 years ago, [earth] comes to life around climate change and international environmental diplomatic events.  Student written and student run, this COA blog has become well known for its clarity and the depth of understanding in provides. While in the Hatchery, Nathan and his team hope to make adjustments to the structure of the website to make it even more effective.

Spring 2011 Ventures

Jose Merlo and Alan Fernald — 
Bike Revolution, a cycle-taxi business providing an alternative means of transportation in Bar Harbor, Maine during the peak tourist season.

Zach Whalen — Faolan Photography, fine art landscape and underwater photography, based primarily on and off the coast of Downeast Maine.

Nick Harris
 — Gourmet Butanol, converts food waste to butanol, which can replace gasoline in cars and home heating oil in your furnace.

Evan Griffiths — H-Bone Productions, a mobile slaughterhouse providing a more humane and cost effective means of getting meat onto your table.

Matthew Doyle Olson — MDO Consulting, a means of building community consensus around finding more sustainable food systems and solutions to food sourcing issues.

Spring 2010 Ventures

In the winter of 2010, six ventures were accepted into the pilot year of the Hatchery program, beginning their concentrated work in the spring term. The six ventures are:

Nafisa Mohammadi — Mending Walls
, working with women in Afghanistan to import their custom embroidered pieces for decoration in people's homes.

Joslyn Richardson — Share The Harvest
, strengthening a program of the College and working with Beech Hill Farm to bring fresh, local, organic veggies to families in food assistance programs on Mount Desert Island.

Kate Christian — Hearing Other Voices
, focuses on international women's rights by creating a database of women's interviews.

Jake Weisberg — Vegmatics, creating easily installed conversion kits for diesel autos, making them able to run on vegetable oil.

Noah Hodgetts — MDI 2030
, unifying various planning efforts on MDI together to allow the four communities on the Island and the Park to plan for their sustainable future as one community.

Jordan Motzkin — Big Box Farms
, growing organic vegetables in under-utilized industrial spaces.

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