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Student Activities & Events

Student Activities & Events

Although COA is a small college, it offers quite a bit for students to do.  Several times every term students fill the Great Hall of the historic Turrets mansion, decorated with an elaborately carved wooden ceiling, to indulge in Open Mic performances.  Students enjoy settling into the cozy couches with a cuppa hot tea and a freshly baked cookie to be entertained by their peers – who get plugged in to share some music, poetry, or story telling.  In addition, there are concerts, dance parties, student plays, and dance lessons to keep people moving and having fun with each other during the term.  If that’s not your flavor, you might try joining one of the student organizations in their efforts to educate others and make a positive impact on our world.  Increasing the understanding of international cultures, broadening awareness of the democratic process, and supporting acceptance of individual differences are some of the topics that students are rallying around.

There are opportunities to maintain balance and sanity in this exciting and challenging academic setting.  Exploring the great outdoors and getting to know your peers can happen throughout the year, as can treating your mind, body and spirit.  Our Health and Wellness programs offer yoga and capoeira weekly, healthy snacks for late night study sessions each term, and counselors who can help guide you with enlightening conversations each week of every term.

COA’s location enables students to participate easily in outdoor activities with Acadia National Park as our backyard. Revel in the splendour as you explore on your own or with friends. If you want to go to new places on the island – or to wilderness areas that are a little further away – then come along every other week for an afternoon of hiking, canoeing, or sea kayaking nearby. Returning students lead the 6-day Outdoor Orientation Program (OOPs) trips before school starts in the fall, and continue to take students on shorter and longer adventures during the terms as part of our outdoor program, COASTAL.  Perhaps a multi-day backpacking trip surrounded by brilliant fall colors, or an adventurous canoeing trip come spring is right up your ally. Of course, since winter is the dominant season here, we lovingly wander into the hinterland for camping experiences in the snow too.  So, bring your sense of adventure and we’ll journey through the wilderness together in every season. Fear not, you will learn what you need to know to be safe and have fun!

The College's recreational equipment is accessible to all COA community members for free.  This includes a boat fleet of ocean kayaks and lake canoes.  You may borrow all sorts of camping gear (i.e. sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stoves, cook kits, tents, water jugs, lifejackets, paddles, dry bags, etc.) through the Outdoor Program for short periods of time.  If you are taking particular classes or training sessions, you may find yourself in one of the school’s white water canoes, or learning how to sail the Rhodes 19 or Sonic 23 sailboats. Students may also find themselves aboard the school’s 38' research boat, Indigo.  It is used for a variety of field trips and research projects along with other smaller craft. A sailing class is available to those interested each fall term. Another popular activity is scuba diving. Beginners may take a course through the YMCA to learn the basics, while experienced divers are encouraged to join the local MDI diving group to regularly explore the Atlantic from a different vantage point.   


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No Stale junk food

We pride ourselves on keeping a fresh and eclectic vending machine selection in our Student Center. Here's some of the things you'll find:

  • Chicken, Bacon, Chevre, Basil & Lettuce Sandwich
  • Marinaded Tofu with Slaw, cilantro & Lettuce (VEGAN) Sandwich and Salad
  • Chicken and Vegan Veggie Pot Pie
  • Spicy Chicken soup
  • Fresh Spring Rolls with sweet garlic dipping sauce
  • Chocolate Chip cookies
  • Oatmeal apricot cookies
  • Orange almond granola
  • Maple & lemon yogurt
  • Sassafrass organic fair trade chocolate truffles

Ashoka ChangeMakers

Ashoka Changemaker Campus

"The fundamental principles shared by many of today's leading social entrepreneurs -- humility, empathy, creativity, and a commitment to a brighter future -- are built into the College of the Atlantic lifestyle, appearing in everything from the campus cafeteria to the dorm waste facilities, and especially in the people who call COA home."

- Ashoka Staff

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