Bachelor of Arts Degree:

  1. Intent to Graduate
  2. Certification of Degree Requirements
  3. Standing Contract BA
  4. Senior Project Submission (see below)
Senior Project Submission Information

Senior Projects are due digitally May 27th at 4pm. If you are on campus and want to submit your paper version in person, you are welcome to do so. After the term ends, projects will be printed in black and white, which is a free service. If you want yours in color email to discuss payment options ($.20 a side).

UPDATE: Projects will be printed on 8 ½” X 11” paper with a 1/2” to 1” margin on each side to accommodate binding, so please be aware that if you submit something in a different size, it will be printed to the above-mentioned size.

Senior Project Format Information (This document will help you understand what components you need based on the type of project you have: written, audio, video, etc.)

Required pieces to be emailed to archivist

  1. Title Page (project title, your name, and graduation year)
  2. Abstract/Artist Statement/Description
  3. Project
  4. Senior Project Release Form (required form)*
  5. Senior Project Signature Form (required form) You sign the form and email it the archivist. Then have your signers simply email the archivist directly that they approve of your project. The archivist will complete the form and submit it to the registrar for you.

*Optional Form: Senior Project Delayed Release Form Under guidance of your academic advisor, you may delay access to your project for reasons such as pending patents, pursuit of publication, or business development.

Required pieces to be emailed to Registrar:

  1. Description/Self-eval: two paragraphs, the first should briefly describe your project and the second should be your self-evaluation.


Master of Philosophy Degree:

Intent to Graduate

Master’s Thesis Proposal Defense

Certification of Master’s Degree Requirements

Standing Contract MPhil

Master’s Thesis Submission Materials

Master’s Thesis Submission Guidelines

Master’s Thesis Signature Form (required form)

Master’s Thesis Release Form (required form)

Master’s Thesis Delayed Release Form (optional form) Under guidance of your graduate director, you may delay access to your thesis for reasons such as pending patents, pursuit of publication, or business development.