Professor of Earth Science     Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Chair of Earth Systems and Geoscience

                                                College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME, USA

                                                Sept 2012-present


University of California, Santa Cruz, Earth & Planetary Sciences Dept., Santa Cruz, CA

         Ph.D., Earth & Planetary Sciences, June 2009,

         Advisors: Dr. Daniel Farber, Dr. Elise Knittle

         Thesis: 10Be geochronology of geomorphic features within the western Central Andean

                      margin: Tectonic and climatic implications

Hamilton College, Geology Dept., Clinton, NY

          B.A. Geology, May 2001,

          Advisors: Dr. David Bailey and Dr. Barbara Tewksbury

          Thesis: Petrogenesis of xenoliths in Miocene basalts of northeastern Oregon

Previous Work:

2009-2012    Assistant Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University, Montréal, Quebec

2003-2009    Graduate Research Assistant, Earth & Planetary Sciences UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

2004-2008    Teaching Assistant, Earth & Planetary Sciences,  UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

2002-2003    AmeriCorps, Team Member, Atlanta, GA

                     Atlanta Outward Bound Center: EcoWatch Program, Environmental Education and Conservation

2001-2002   Staff Geologist, Atlanta Environmental Management, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Refereed Publications

Benavente, C., Palomino, A., Wimpenny, S., García B., Rosell, L., Aguirre, E., Macharé, J., Rodriguez Padilla, A.M., and Hall, S.R.,  2022. Paleoseismic Evidence of the 1715 C.E Earthquake on the Purgatorio Fault in Southern Peru: Implications for Seismic Hazard in Subduction Zones, Tectonophysics, doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2022.229355.

Farrell, A., Buckman, K., Hall, S.R., Muñoz, I., Bieluch, K., Zoellich, B., and Disney, J., 2021. Adaptations to a secondary school-based citizen science project to engage students in monitoring well water for arsenic during the Covid-19 pandemic. Journal of STEM Outreach 4(2), doi: 10.15695/jstem/v4i2.05.

Benavente, C., Zerathe, S., Audin, L., Hall, S.R., Robert, X., Delgado, F., Carcaillet, J., ASTER Team, 2017. Active transpressional tectonics in the Andean forearc of southern Peru quantified by 10Be surface exposure dating of an active fault scarp, Tectonics, 36(9), doi:10.1002/2017TC004523.

Saillard, M., Audin, L., Rousset, B., Avouac, J.-P., Chlieh, M., Hall S.R., Husson L., Farber, D.L., 2017. From the seismic cycle to long-term deformation: linking seismic coupling and Quaternary coastal geomorphology along the Andean Megathrust, Tectonics, 36(2), p. 241-256. doi: 10.1002/2016TC004156.

Michalak, M.K., Hall, S.R., Farber, D.L., Audin, L., and Hourigan, J.K., 2015. (U-Th)/He Thermochronology records late Miocene accelerated cooling in the north-central Peruvian Andes, Lithosphere, 8(2), p.103–115, doi: 10.1130/L485.1.        

Margirier, A., Robert X., Audin, L.,  Gautheron, C., Bernet, M., Hall, S.R., and Simon-Labric, T., 2015. Slab flattening, magmatism, and surface uplift in the Cordillera Occidental (northern Peru), Geology,  43(11), p. 1031-1034, 10.1130/G37061.1.

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Hall, S.R., Farber, D. L., Audin, L., Finkel, R.C., 2012. Recent contractile deformation in the forearc of southern Peru, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 337-338, 85-90, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2012.04.007.

Saillard, M., Hall S.R., Audin, L., Farber D.L, Regard, V., Hérail, G., 2011. Andean coastal uplift and active  tectonics in southern Peru: 10Be surface exposure dating of differentially uplifted marine terrace sequences (San Juan de Marcona, ~15.4°S), Geomorphology, doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2011.01.004.

Rood, D.H., Hall, S.R., Guilderson, T.P., Finkel, R.C., and Brown, T.A., 2010. Challenges and opportunities in high-precision Be-10 measurements at CAMS, Nuclear Instruments and Methods B, Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 268, 730-732, doi: 10.1016/j.nimb.2009.10.016.

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Hall, S.R., Farber, D.L., Audin, L., Finkel, R.C., Meriaux, A-S., 2008. Geochronology of pediment surfaces in southern Peru: Implications for Quaternary deformation of the Andean forearc.  Tectonophysics, 459,186-205, doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2007.11.073.

Audin, L., David, C., Hall, S.R., Farber, D.L., Hérail, G., 2006. Geomorphic evidences of recent tectonic activity in the forearc, southern Peru. Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina, 61(4), 545-554.

Outreach and Synergistic Activities:

2020-present      Hudson Museum (UMaine) - Cooperating Curator

2019-present    Geological Society of Maine - President

2019-present     Coastal Maine Geopark - Steering Committee Member

2018-present     Climate Change Institute - Adjunct Faculty Researcher

2018-present     School of Earth and Climate Sciences, University of Maine - Adjunct Faculty

2017-2019         Geological Society of Maine - Vice-President

2006-2008         Expanding Your Horizons Workshop Instructor, K-12 guest teacher, Santa Cruz, CA

                          Graduate students and Researchers offer Outreach Workshops (GROW) program, UCSC