Our team

Reports can be made directly to the Title IX Coordinator or to another member of the staff, faculty, or RA team who will share the necessary information with the Coordinator.

Confidential reports can be made to mental health counselors that COA contracts with or with the family nurse practitioner in COA’s health clinic. You can also talk with any of the following confidentially: a counselor off campus, with a medical practitioner, a religious leader, and someone at AMHC Sexual Assault Services (1-800-871-7741). If you feel you have been subjected to sexual misconduct or discrimination, please seek assistance as soon as possible. We are here to help.

If you have any questions regarding Title IX, sexual misconduct, or the information on this site, please contact any of these offices for more information:

Puranjot Kaur, pkaur@coa.edu, (207) 288-5015, ext. 5614, office on second floor of Turrets Annex

Zach Soares,  zsoares@coa.edu, (207) 801-5663, office in Thorndike Library

Nick Jenei, njenei@coa.edu, (207) 801-5672, office on third floor of Deering Common
Karen Waldron, kwaldron@coa.edu, (207) 801-5727, office on third floor of Turrets
Carrie Graham, cgraham@coa.edu, (207) 801-5683, office in Dorr Museum of Natural History
Dave Feldman, dfeldman@coa.edu, (207) 801-5709, office on second floor of Turrets Annex
Helen Hess, hhess@coa.edu, (207) 801-5673, office on second floor of the Davis Center

After Hours:
Student Life Emergency Line (207) 266-5890, ask for the Title IX Coordinator.
COA Emergency Line (207) 288-9001

Our training

In order to serve as an effective resource, our Title IX Coordinator, investigators, hearing board members, and appeals officers utilize training from the Student Conduct Institute.
Previous training has also been with Bernstein Shur and with ATIXA.