COA campus from above.
College of the Atlantic is pleased to partner with the Center for Wildlife Studies to offer five 1-week courses at our Bar Harbor campus. 
June 15-19, 2020      Ecological Modeling in R

Learn basic concepts in statistical programming and data visualization in R. All examples used in learning are tailored to the needs of students and professionals in ecology, wildlife biology, and related fields. 

June 22–26, 2020     Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation 

Learn the overarching philosophy, underlying principles, and specific steps of effective conservation planning based on the globally-used Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

 July 20-24, 2020     Harnessing the power of spatial intelligence: open-source GIS 

An introductory course for students interested in applying GIS as a tool to help answer important questions in the natural sciences, or for those with ArcGIS experience looking to transition to QGIS.

Aug 3-7, 2020     Occupancy modeling (beginner/intermediate level) 

Species presence/absence is a fundamental concept used in many areas of ecology. Learn methods for accounting for imperfect detection with species detection/non-detection data, and also discuss important occupancy study design considerations. Classroom exercises are completed using Program PRESENCE and R.

Aug 10-14, 2020     Mark-recapture analysis

Mark-recapture methods are a commonly used set of techniques for collecting data suitable for estimating demographic parameters of a target population. Learn a wide range of analyses available to researchers, depending on the focal questions of interest.

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