Turrets gardens


Meeting spaces

Deering Common Community Center: The lounge/great room is a spacious room with comfortable chairs and couches, and a view of the ocean. The lounge is adjoined by the Deering porch overlooking Frenchman Bay. The leadership room, group-study room, and meditation rooms are on the second-floor, and perfect for small meetings or workshops. 

Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Community Center: Regularly used for lectures, theatrical productions, music and dance performances, and large meetings or workshops. The hall has a stage with optional podium, ample seating on the main floor and balcony, a lighting and sound booth (AV services can be arranged through COA), and digital projector with screen. Classroom capacity—79; lecture capacity—211.

McCormick Lecture Hall: There is tiered seating  with a digital projector and screen, audio, whiteboards, and chalkboards. Lecture capacity—55.

Katherine W. Davis Residence Village: The Eliot Study Space is a bright and versatile room with dry erase boards, couches, window seats and space for ample classroom or lecture-style seating. The Cushman Media Center is a large, comfortable lounge with couches and technology to accommodate media needs.

The Turrets building. The Turrets: The Leslie C. Brewer Great Hall is used for social gatherings with the adjoining seaside porch. The Gower Room This ground-floor classroom has access to the Turrets porch overlooking Frenchman Bay. There is a digital projector with screen, overhead projector, audio speakers, and whiteboards. Classroom capacity—26; lecture capacity—69. The Putnam Room A wood paneled, ground-floor classroom has access to the Turrets porch overlooking Frenchman Bay. There is a digital overhead projector with screen, audio speakers, and chalkboards. Classroom capacity—20; lecture capacity—53.


COA’s on-campus residences are a mix of former seaside estates and newer houses built by the college to encourage community living and meet high environmental standards.

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TAB dining

Our kitchen staff is accustomed to working with a variety of dietary restrictions and allergies, easily accommodating our visiting diners. Vegetarian and vegan options are standard, and the meat and seafood we serve is humanely raised and sustainably sourced.