German Summer University

The Future of Sustainable Food Business

July 31–August 15, 2016

The German Society for Human Ecology International Summer University, in cooperation with College of the Atlantic, offers The Future of Sustainable Food Business, a two-week course in Emmendingen, Germany that will address the future of food sustainability and the role of business and entrepreneurship in realizing change.

The program not only presents an opportunity to discuss controversial questions of the future of sustainability in seminars and lectures, but also challenges students to bring this discussion into practice through close collaboration with food businesses in Emmendingen as case studies. These case studies highlight the uniqueness of a particular locality, while presenting lessons that are relevant in diverse contexts internationally.

Students will find an opportunity to work in an intensive academic environment outside of the regular curriculum, emphasizing interdisciplinary thinking that is crucial to addressing challenges of sustainability. Students will also learn about the importance of intercultural collaboration; this program is based on hands-on group work with fellow students and local partners from diverse cultural backgrounds. This program will engage students in interdisciplinary thinking and for hands on or research work in academia, in their home country, and internationally. (Students attending the program will receive one COA credit.)

Applications are welcome from students with a high degree of motivation, social engagement, and a keen interest in the topic of sustainable food systems. Financial assistance is also available to those demonstrating need.

Application Deadline: April 30

Visit the European College of Human Ecology website for more information.