Institute for Environmental Journalism
A partnership with InsideClimate News

July 6-17, 2020

Award-winning reporters and instructors will teach the fundamentals of science journalism and environmental justice, including multimedia storytelling, interviewing techniques and how to develop story ideas and sources.

The Institute for Environmental Journalism will expose participants to the power of science journalism, specifically as a tool to provoke meaningful conversations about climate and the broader environment.

With an emphasis on experiential learning and professional mentorship, participants will leave the program with: 

  • A publishable piece of journalism produced under the guidance of working reporters

  • A core understanding of climate science, research processes and environmental challenges and potential solutions

  • Essential journalism techniques including interviewing methods, how to structure stories and build sources

  • The ability to be more discerning news consumers

  •  The support of a community of participants from diverse backgrounds and geographies

    Program is open to rising tenth through twelfth graders, as well as recent graduates.