Credit: Beverley Guay '19

This session has been canceled for 2018

-Exploring the National Park Idea: July 8-20, 2018 

Students working closely with COA faculty, in small groups or in individual tutorials, will examine the historical, ecological, cultural, social and interpretive workings of the park through a variety of activities and learning experiences.

Faculty in art, biology, geology, and law will work with National Park Service professionals to expose students to various aspects of park management and day-to-day challenges of implementing the “national park idea.”

Through adventures in: 

  • field trips
  • journaling
  • service learning opportunities
  • and  interpretive projects

Students will be immersed in the management and experience of Acadia. Having just celebrated the centennial of both the national park system and Acadia last year, this course provides exciting opportunities to explore through art, research, reading, and writing, the broader themes of:

  • preservation
  • attitudes toward nature, both past and present
  • the history of conservation
  • and appreciation of our natural environment

Throughout the course, students will work directly with College of the Atlantic faculty members, writing extensively about their experiences, and working as part of a team to develop a presentation to share with their professors, peers, and the public at the end of the session. Students who successfully complete the program, and who apply and are accepted to College of the Atlantic, will be eligible for a $10,000/year scholarship should they ultimately choose to matriculate as a degree candidate.

2 semester hours = .6 credits

Credit: Beverley Guay '19