What to expect…

Swimming: There will be frequent swimming opportunities depending on the weather, at different oceanfront front locations, local swimming holes such as Lakewood, Echo Lake, Long Pond, and possibly some areas that campers will come across during their hikes.

Excursions: Blue Jays can expect to leave campus for 4 - 5 excursions per week and will explore all areas of Mount Desert Island. The distance of their excursions and whether or not they venture off island, depends on the theme of the week. You can expect to receive information regarding each excursion prior to the start of camp.

Activities: Arts & crafts, nature walks, reading stories, playing games, community circles, and moderate - strenuous level hikes are some of the activities you can expect to see every week. These are tied into the week’s theme in addition to the activities that are specifically created to reflect the week’s thematic educational goal and the daily learning targets that align to it.