Creek Week

June 24 – June 28
5-Day Session: $275 Resident / $350 Non-Resident

Although MDI is not known for any wide rivers, there are countless streams, creeks, brooks, and rivulets that ribbon the island. Explore our beloved Northeast Creek, Marshall Brook, Harbor Brook, Stony Brook and the list goes on for a spirited week of all things—creeks! Trace the water from its source, down it’s stem, all the way through the estuary and out to sea. Paddle canoes, hike the along meandering banks, and stop for a swim in cool pristine pools.  We’ll search for clams along the salty shores and get to know our local creeks from source to sea.

Places of the Past

July 1 – July 12 [*There will be no SFS on the 4th of July]
2-Week Session: $440 Resident / $520 Non-Resident

Let’s go back in time as we ramble around places of the past. Long before the rusticators came, Wabanaki people called this place home. Explore some frequented and significant sites of the Passamaquaddy and Penobscot tribes. Stand in the old foundations of homes and hotels that once stood and imagine the grandeur of MDI long ago. Follow historical trails on outdated maps, visit old cemeteries, and with the help of island historical societies, piece together how we might live differently or similarly to the people who came before us. Trace clues of a railroad that once traveled up and down Cadillac Mountain and unravel mysteries on Bar Island. Enjoy games, painting, and swimming along the way!

Wild Harvest

July 15 – July 18
4-day Session: $220 Resident / $290 Non-Resident

Get ready for a culinary adventure as we forage for ingredients, spend time at local farms, and chef up a feast from our findings. Gather berries from mountain summits, fresh herbs from the fields, fish from the lakes, shellfish from the intertidal, and vegetables & cheese from local farms to try new recipes and old favorites! Enjoy the merriment of gathering around a shared table and dig in!  Plenty of hiking, art-making, and games to digest!

The Living Sea

July 22 – August 1
2-Week Session: $440 Resident / $520 Non-Resident

Search the tide pools for urchins and crabs, dig in the mud to find clams, taste salty seaweed, observe seabirds, and study marine mammals as you explore the ocean environment from the deep sea, to the shoreline intertidal. Follow the tides, explore estuarine ecology, talk to local biologists, make saltwater art, and play games too!

Against The Grain

August 5 – August 9
5-Day Session: $275 Resident / $350 Non-Resident

In a world of mass produced everything, go against the grain and make something one-of-a-kind with your own hands. Spend the week getting to know the joy of working with wood.  Weave baskets, whittle a spoon, build a fire, work with simple tools, and make wood block prints. Explore the woods of MDI and managed woodlots as you learn about one of Maine’s most precious resources. Plenty of games, stories, and swimming to round out the week.


August 12 – August 15
4-day Session: $220 Resident / $290 Non-Resident

Mount Desert Island stands tall as a landmark in Eastern Maine.  Its peaks guide boats from miles around.  The same glaciers that sculpted the mountains of Acadia left smaller marks across the island.  Search out the largest boulders and jagged cliffs the rivers of ice left on our island.  Pay attention to the chatter marks, glacial polish, and long valley ponds that were left behind after glaciers—over six times taller than Cadillac mountain—ground their way into the Gulf of Maine. Look at maps and notice the landmarks that help you to know this place as your own.