Field Notes

June 25 – June 29
5-Day Session: $250 Local / $300 Non-Local

Walt Whitman, Jane Goodall, Henry David Thoreau, Bernd Heinrich, and John Muir did more than just appreciate the wilderness for themselves—they had/have a knack for taking field notes to share the beauty they experienced with others.  Join us for a colorful week of photography, illustration, collage, creative writing, and painting, and then bind it all together in a field journal.  Explore a different place everyday by hiking, swimming, biking, or paddling.

A Handmade Life: Folk Arts & Culture

July 2 – July 13 [*There will be no SFS on the 4th of July]
2-Week Session with one overnight: $410 Local / $460 Non-Local

Encourage your creativity and keep your hands busy these weeks! March knee-high into fields to paint, learn to preserve harvested goods from the garden, visit a fiber farm Downeast, make baskets, needle felt, and carve a spoon to take home. Delve into folk-art techniques & subsistence skills and feel the satisfaction that comes from making things with your heart and hands.

*This session will include a one-night camping trip on July 11th.

Discovering Dusk

July 16 – July 19
4-day Session: $200 Local / $250 Non-Local

No need for flashlights or lanterns for this evening session— the moon is waxing this week to light our way! Tread into the dusk and discover the crepuscular and nocturnal creatures of MDI.  Watch a beaver search for food, call in owls, listen for loons, catch amphibians, marvel at moths, and if we’re lucky, catch a glimpse of bats aflutter. Celebrate the celestial wonders of the night sky by peering through telescopes at the summer stars and planets while resting amongst an orchestra of crickets, or witness the moonlit water sparkling with bioluminescent dinoflagellates in Frenchman Bay.  And as Wendell Berry writes: “find that dark, too, blooms and sings
                                          and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.”

Note: This session runs from 3:30pm-9:00pm.  Please send your child with a picnic dinner.


July 23 – August 2
2-Week Session with 4-day/3-night overnight trip: $450 Local / $500 Non-Local

MDI is a large island along a large coast dotted with islands.  For many our big island provides enough of a break from the main land.  But to truly experience island life you must look to the dozens of smaller islands and rocky ledges that surround MDI.  Some of these are home to gulls and guillemots, others make perfect sunning spots for seals, and on a few others—summer homes and the fading remains of old homesteads are the only sign that people even know they exist.  By kayak, by gravel bars, and by other boats, head off shore and explore the surprising variety of small islands that orbit MDI.

Note: This session includes a 4-day overnight trip (3 nights) from July 30th to August 2nd.

Downeast Lakes & Ponds

August 6 – August 16
2-Week Session with 4-day/3-night overnight trip: $450 Local / $500 Non-Local

Back by popular demand!
With names like Tunk, Toddy, Nicatous, Donnell, Spectale, Grand, Abamagamock, Molasses, Alligator, Narraguages, Loon, Burnt Land, and Forbes, the lakes and ponds of Downeast Maine tell a story of the region that provided transportation routes, village sites, freshwater, and fish for native peoples and early European colonists.  Today this mosaic of freshwater fills a wild region of forest, blueberry barren, ledged mountains, and shallow streams in Hancock and Washington Counties.  Learn camping and canoeing skills that will help you explore this region where endless adventures await. 

Note: This session includes a 4-day overnight (3 nights) canoe-camping trip from August 13th –August 16th.