Color + Light

June 22 – June 26
5-Day Session: $275 Resident / $350 Non-Resident

Color is a collaboration—a collaboration, Paul Cezanne says, of the mind and world. Spend the week in this collaboration and saturate yourself in the world of vivid color all around us. Draw and paint from found pigments, dye with plants, experiment with light waves, use the sun to make prints, and make cyanometers. Explore the spectrum and the island alike as we illuminate studies in color. Reflect on what we see outside and, more importantly, what is inspired within.

Mount Desert Mountaintops

June 29 – July 10
2-Week Session: $440 Resident / $520 Non-Resident

Tie up those hiking boots and let’s hit the trails! Summit some of the most picturesque peaks on the island while gaining a new perspective on the landscapes and bodies of water below. Swim in a high elevation pond, witness the work of glaciers, and investigate some of the hardy flora and fauna that make their home in the unique environment of the alpine zone. Plenty of games, art, and exploration along the trail!

Pedaling + Paddling

July 13 – July 16
4-day Session: $220 Resident / $290 Non-Resident

Put some miles behind you as we spend our days biking along the carriage roads and paddling across the island’s fresh and saltwater.  Buckle your helmets and PFD’s and enjoy the scenery of Acadia National Park in motion. Learn about carriage road history and construction, canoe strokes, navigation, and aquatic ecology. Take in the vistas and stop for a swim along the way.

Saltwater: Frenchman Bay Ecology

July 20 – July 30
2-Week Session with 4-day/3-night overnight trip: $480 Resident / $560 Non-Resident

Like any good island, MDI is surrounded by water.  For thousands of years a salty garden of clams, herring, and codfish sustained those who called this place home.  Today the near islands and bays provide recreation and livelihoods to sailors, kayakers, lobstermen, and seaside daydreamers. On boats, beaches, and on the big island of MDI and its smaller neighbors; see what is so special about the mix of minerals and water that are the foundation of the Gulf of Maine. Learn the basics of sea kayaking and venture to a few nearby islands for an overnight excursion.

Note: This session includes a 4-day/3-night camping trip from July 27th to July 30th.

Freshwater:  Downeast Lakes & Ponds

August 3 – August 13
2-Week Session with 4-day/3-night overnight trip: $480 Resident / $560 Non-Resident

A Summer Field Studies classic!
With names like Tunk, Toddy, Nicatous, Donnell, Spectale, Grand, Abamagamock, Molasses, Alligator, Narraguages, Loon, Burnt Land, and Forbes, the lakes and ponds of Downeast Maine tell a story of the region that provided transportation routes, village sites, freshwater, and fish for native peoples and early European colonists.  Today this mosaic of freshwater fills a wild region of forest, blueberry barren, ledged mountains, and shallow streams in Hancock and Washington Counties.  Learn camping and canoeing skills that will help you explore this region where endless adventures await.  

Note: This session includes a 4-day/3-night canoe camping trip from August 10th  to August 13th.