The Shape of Landscape

June 26 – June 30
5-Day Session: $250 Local / $300 Non-Local

Take a step back and notice the shapes and patterns you see again and again in the natural world. Each day focus on a different landscape (ocean, mountain, forest, field, marsh..) and consider the pervading shapes (scattered, radial, spiral, serpentine, mosaic, fractured, dendritic..) within it. Compose photos, illustrations, paintings, collage, and more to catalogue what you observe.

Breaking Ground: Farming on MDI & Downeast

July 3 – July 14 [*There will be no SFS on the 4th of July]
2-Week Session with one overnight: $410 Local / $460 Non-Local

Though the glaciers left behind little soil as they retreated North, Downeasters have always managed to cultivate a living from the stony ground.  They cleared rocks and built the soil.  Their handiwork is still seen in stone walls at the edges of fields and in the sagging rooflines of old barns.  Learn from modern farmers who are carrying on these ancient agricultural arts and creating new ones as leading stewards of the land.  Work alongside vegetable farmers, watch sheep move between pastures, and break ground to plant new seeds. 

*This session will include a one-night camping trip to a nearby farm on July 13th.

A Different Pace

July 17 – July 20
4-day Session: $200 Local / $250 Non-Local

Ditch the van and head out by foot, bike, and boat to explore the island at a different pace—minimizing your fossil fuel footprint.  Explore the many ways to get around and live your life without depending on non-renewable resources. Peddle on the carriage roads and paddle to nearby islands.  Hit the trail and burn calories instead of petroleum.

In Wildness: Fieldwork In Conservation

July 24 – August 3
2-Week Session with 4-day/3-night overnight trip: $450 Local / $500 Non-Local

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.” When Henry David Thoreau moved out of Concord and into the woods, his words on the experience inspired a movement to protect wild places and continues to still, 100 years later.  Few places in the United States have the variety of protected places and conservation organizations that we have in Maine.  See the work these groups do to preserve beautiful places while kayaking on the Maine Island Trail, visiting wild rivers, helping to maintain hiking trails on land trust preserves, hoeing weeds on protected farms, and exploring the first parcels protected by the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservation. 

Note: This session includes a 4-day overnight trip (3 nights) from July 31st to August 3rd.

Downeast Lakes & Ponds

[Full— please go through the registration process to be added to the waitlist.]
August 7 – August 17
2-Week Session with 4-day/3-night overnight trip: $450 Local / $500 Non-Local

With names like Tunk, Toddy, Nicatous, Donnell, Spectale, Grand, Abamagamock, Molasses, Alligator, Narraguages, Loon, Burnt Land, and Forbes, the lakes and ponds of Downeast Maine tell a story of the region that provided transportation routes, village sites, freshwater, and fish for native peoples and early European colonists.  Today this mosaic of freshwater fills a wild region of forest, blueberry barren, ledged mountains, and shallow streams in Hancock and Washington Counties.  Learn camping and canoeing skills that will help you explore this region where endless adventures await. 

Note: This session includes a 4-day overnight (3 nights) canoe-camping trip from August 14th  to August 17th.