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The goal of this course to help each student design and implement an effective learning program for the study of a language of her or his choice at whatever level of learning she or he is currently at.

A very wide variety of general strategies, resources, and practical advice for independent language learning are reviewed in weekly class sessions along with progress and reflection reports from each student that can help guide and motivate independent work.

The core common text for this work will be Betty Lou Leaver, Madeline Ehrman and Boris Shekhtman’s Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition. The primary focus of the class is on the development and implementation of each student’s individually designed plan for learning a language of their choice. Materials for this will be identified by each student as part of their work on their chosen language. Progress in these plans are discussed in one-on-one weekly meetings with the teacher.

Plans may include the use of software, peer tutors, Skype, videos, standard texts, flash cards, specialized technical material, music, visual art, field trips, and a wide variety of other materials as appropriate.

Evaluation will be based on the clarity, coherence, and effectiveness of the student’s developed plan and the discipline with which they actually pursue it and revise it appropriately as the term progresses. Students will be asked to meet with the instructor prior to the start of the term to discuss their motivation, aims, possible resources and possible plans for language learning after the course is over.


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