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I - Introductory

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What connects us to the places we inhabit? What sensations, images, and sounds are most striking to us in these spaces? This outdoor, site-specific movement class will ask us to investigate what draws us to place, how we might be inspired by it, and how our bodies interact with the contexts and histories we move through. After convening at a central, outdoor location on the COA campus, we’ll begin each class with a gentle warm up, attuning our senses to different surroundings and deepening our bodily presence. Through scores and games, we’ll hone our skills as improvisers, tracking spaces, following cues, and making choices.Readings, writing and drawing assignments, and short choreography assignments will punctuate the term, culminating in a final class project of our collective design. All in-person meetings and choreography assignments will take place outside on campus. Students will be evaluated based on attendance, participation in class discussions, group exercises, and the completion of assigned work. This space is designed for bodies of all abilities and backgrounds. Prior dance experience is welcomed, but not necessary.



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