Nimisha Bastedo ’15 is a Davis United World College Scholar from Canada. During her time at College of the Atlantic, she has been focused on Educational Studies but says “the beauty of COA is that it allowed me to also dabble in the world of global politics and many other things.”

On the frozen Horn River where the school’s winter camps took place.

She continues: “My senior project is about harmonizing cultural and academic learning though on-the-land school programs. I’ve been working closely with a school in Fort Providence, a small Indigenous community in Northwest Territories, Canada. It’s been a snowy whirlwind so far: Learning some of the language, planning for three week-long school trips with local trappers, laughing with the students late into the night in our cabin beside the frozen river… I’ve felt totally immersed and grateful for all these experiences.”

Students heading back to camp after setting snares for snowshoe hare.
Students heading back to camp after setting snares for snowshoe hare.

“My role is to develop a guide that will help teachers build intentional, multi-disciplinary learning into the school’s culture camps. I have a lot of work ahead of me as I’ve felt the need to simply listen, learn, and build connections for most of my time here so far. After many humbling discussions and hours of wood-chopping alongside the local educators, I’m beginning to understand the next steps I need to take.”


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