Farmer in Field by Peter Zander

Susan and her husband, David Rockefeller Jr., who is very active in environmental causes, will be on hand for the screening and will discuss their work advocating conservation and ecological balance. The event takes place at Gates Community Center on COA’s Eden Street campus from 6:30-8 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

The short film will be followed by a panel discussion with the Rockefellers and COA farmers Tess Faller and Anna Davis of Beech Hill Farm, and CJ Walke of Peggy Rockefeller Farms.  A reception will follow.

 “Food for Thought, Food for Life” details the downsides of current agribusiness practices and how these effect both people and the climate, while also introducing chefs, farmers and educators who are providing real solutions and ways forward. The film aims to give viewers the necessary tools to make positive changes in their own lives.

“In everything I do…my goal is to start a conversation about the things I’m most passionate about and empower people to take small actions that produce big changes,” Rockefeller said in a director’s statement. “Conversation leads to collaboration, and together we can find local and global solutions that help the planet and ourselves.”

Susan and David Rockefeller have collaborated on many environmental and conservation initiatives. Mr. Rockefeller is past vice chairman of the National Park Foundation, a founder of the Alaska Fund for the Future and president of Sailors for the Sea, an ocean conservation organization. He is chairman of the board of trustees of the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation.

Along with being a documentary filmmaker, Susan Rockefeller is an author, jewelry designer and avid conservationist. She is the chairman of the Ocean Council for Oceana, a board member of the We Are Family Foundation, a member of the global Leadership Council for Natural Resources Defense Council and a member of the program committee for the Stone Barns Center for Sustainable Agriculture.