Getting here:

Like most COA students, my path here was somewhat meandering and unconventional. After a gap year and two years at the international boarding school UWC Atlantic College in Wales, I was looking for a place where “community” was more than just a buzzword and where I would be pushed to define myself beyond my major or post-degree employment goals. I haven’t been disappointed. Although such pursuits are not always neat or tidy, COA takes seriously the challenges of community, interdisciplinary study, and dialogue, pushing students to do the same. 


my laundry list: 

  • La Respuesta: The Literature of Witness
  • Blood: Substance & Symbol
  • The Politics of Israel
  • Advanced Composition
  • History of Film: 1885-1945
  • Nature of Narrative II
  • Acting Hamlet
  • Waste
  • Strangers & Performance
  • Feminist Theory in a Transnational Frame
  • Poetry as Synthesis
  • Special Topics in Play Production: Anton Chekhov’s The Sneeze
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Cross-Cultural American Women’s Novels 
  • Special Topics in Movement Training: Double Edge Practicum
  • American Dreaming: Theater & Activism in the US
  • Post-colonial Islands
  • Ecology: Natural History
  • Little Magazines & Contemporary Literary Publishing
  • Acting Hamlet II: Advanced Ensemble
  • Redefining the Act: Contemporary Theater in Practice
  • Introduction to Chaos & Fractals
  • Middle School Hamlet
  • Objects & Performance
  • Possession & the Human


Favorite class:

This question is even more impossible than the chicken & the egg conundrum. 

Highlights have included: 

Building a life-sized Trojan horse as part of Double Edge Theatre’s 2016 residency; editing and publishing a chapbook of poetry in Little Magazines; trips to New York City to see shows and talk to strangers in Redefining the Act & Strangers and Performance; pouring over Virginia Woolf in the sun in Karen Waldron’s Nature of Narrative II. 


In 2016, I spent a summer on tour with Mammalian Diving Reflex (, an international performing arts company “dedicated to investigating the social sphere” through “site and social-specific performance events” focused on bringing people together in new, unusual, and seriously playful ways. I joined the company on tour in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, working as a junior artist and production assistant. I blew up hundreds of balloons, played truth-or-dare with strangers in three different languages, and learned about the impacts of Brexit from a gaggle of 10-year-olds.

In the summer of 2017, I returned to work with the company on a project in Sweden, and my work with them will continue into my post-COA life. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

movies at Reel Pizza (with or without pizza)

lightning bugs, peepers, and lilacs in the spring

the postmen are very nice

swimming in the freezing cold sea any time of year