Getting here:

My sister went to COA, but everytime she spoke about her college on a small island where students design their own curriculum… I never could quite picture it. So when it was time for college apps, I read Princeton review’s take on COA. It warned of a small liberal arts college where students would willingly jump into the freezing waters of the Atlantic in the dead of winter—naked. I guess that’s when a picture began to form in my head about the strange school my sister was attending. A couple years went by and my sister was in her final year. It was that year I got my first real glimpse of life at COA. When visiting, I jumped into the Atlantic (fully clothed) and as I came up to the surface of the water and stepped out onto the COA pier, I felt warm and at home. The rest is history. 


Winter Ecology, Genetics, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Data Science, Animal Behavior, Drawing Mineral and Botanical Matter, marine Mammal Biology & GIS 

I have taken the classes that fascinate me and most of them have allowed me to grow and get outside my comfort zone. 

Favorite class:

Winter Ecology with Steve Ressel 

I discovered how to be an active part of the winter world. I cried and laughed and pushed myself harder than ever before.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Late night talks with friends and winter strolls through the park. 

Best meal on campus:

Anything with chicken!