Getting here:

Ever since I was little I’ve been passionate about conservation and nature, so when I was searching for college’s I kept those ideals in mind. When I found COA I was excited because not only was the college passionate about being ecologically friendly, and have both the water and Acadia National Park within walking distance, but it also had a self directed educational model I was more familiar with because I was homeschooled for most of my life. I knew from that moment that this was the college I was going to go to.


Fall 2017:

Human Ecology, Public Speaking, and Marine Biology


Winter 2018:

Intro French, Impact Investing and The Arts and Science of Fermented Foods

Spring 2018:

Bio: Form and Function, Communicating Science and Oceanography


Fall 2018:


Evolution, Marine Mammal Biology and Intro to Arts and Design


Winter 2019:


Costa Rica Monster Course

Favorite class:

My favorite class would have to be the Costa Rica monster course I just did in the Winter 2019 term. In it we explored ecology in the tropics, which is what I am passionate about and would like to do as a career in the future.

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

You’ll find me rock climbing in the climbing shed, hiking, or looking at the stars from the docks.

Best meal on campus:

Carrot cake