• All Day
      New Moon
    • 4:15am
      Low Tide 0.2 ft
    • 6:14am
      Sunrise 6:14 AM EST
    • 9:30am

      Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

      Location: Gates Community Center

      Join Mahan Deva Singh Kalsa for a class that utilizes postures, movement, breath, mantra, and chanting to work on all aspects of one’s being. All levels of experience welcome.
    • 10:00am
      Join College of the Atlantic Peggy Rockefeller Farms manager C.J. Walke for an introductory workshop on lambing.
    • 10:24am
      High Tide 12.0 ft
    • 4:42pm
      Low Tide -0.6 ft
    • 5:17pm
      Sunset 5:17 PM EST
    • 7:00pm

      Sea Urchin After Dark

      Location: Deering Common Community Center

      The popular cafe offers hot beverages, snacks, a fire, and areas designated for both studying and socializing in this after-dark campus activity for College of the Atlantic students.
    • 10:49pm
      High Tide 11.5 ft