May 23


    • 12:04am
      Low Tide 0.7 ft
    • 4:57am
      Sunrise 4:57 AM EDT
    • 6:14am
      High Tide 11.2 ft
    • 7:30am

      Continental Breakfast: Homemade granola, oatmeal and accoutrements, yogurt, local bakery bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, coffee, and tea.

    • 8:00am
    • 9:00am

      Campus Planning and Building Committee

      Location: George B. Dorr Museum of Natural History

      CPBC is a standing committee of the All College Meeting of College of the Atlantic. CPBC’s purpose is to plan for, develop, maintain and oversee college facilities.
    • 9:35am
    • 10:00am

      Student Life Committee Meeting

      Location: Leadership Room — Deering Common Community Center

      The Student Life Committee is charged with ensuring the quality of student life and recommending policies or services to meet student needs.
    • 10:00am

      Campus Committee for Sustainability

      Location: Leadership Room — Deering Common Community Center

      The CCS promotes leadership and action around issues of sustainability, as well as encouraging social and environmental accountability.
    • 11:00am

      Mediterranean eggs with polenta and fresh fruit salad

    • 12:37pm
      Low Tide -0.1 ft
    • 1:00pm

      All College Meeting

      Location: Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Community Center

      Students, staff, and faculty gather to discuss and make decisions on important College of the Atlantic policies and community issues.
    • 2:35pm
    • 2:45pm

      Steering Committee Meeting

      Location: Straus Classroom — The Turrets

      The Steering Committee is charged with promoting and overseeing governance at COA. The Committee serves as a liaison between the various entities of COA governance and its administration.
    • 4:10pm
    • 5:30pm

      Grilled veggie kabobs with twice baked potatoes

    • 6:00pm

      Earth in Brackets General Assembly

      Location: Elliot Study Space

      A weekly meeting of College of the Atlantic environmental and social justice activists to talk about important issues in the field.
    • 6:15pm

      COA Community Orchestra Rehearsal

      Location: Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Community Center

      College of the Atlantic Composer-in-Residence John Cooper leads a collection of students and community members performing both original and classic compositions.
    • 6:30pm
    • 6:55pm
      High Tide 11.1 ft
    • 8:01pm
      Sunset 8:01 PM EDT