SP-20 Student Life online

As always, student life is here for you… even online.  We look forward to connecting.

Student life staff will have their virtual doors open for drop in or planned meetings. The easiest way to contact us will be through email and Google Hangouts chat, which you can access right through you COA Gmail. Feel free to “knock” if you see our status as “online”.  Please contact any member of the student life staff with questions you have during the term.

We are also still responding to the Student Life Emergency Line at 207-266-5890

Counseling services 

Our campus counselors are moving to an online telehealth platform. There are many regulations to be mindful of and while some regulations have been relaxed due to COVID-19, others haven’t.  Information is coming in phases regarding the delivery of counseling services and this is what we know at this time:

  • There are licensing restrictions that will not allow our counselors to practice across state lines;  so currently they can only provide counseling services to those students who physically reside in Maine.  For all other students, we encourage you to either reconnect with a previous provider, contact your family physician for a recommendation or search for a list of providers in your area. Many therapists are moving their private practices online so you can work with them from home.  We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.
  • Those students who are currently living in Maine, counseling services will start Wednesday of week one. Counselors will be providing telehealth services through Doxy.me. You will still sign up for your appointments through Schedulicity as you always have.  Before your first appointment, you will need to fill out a telehealth release form and an emergency contact release form, and return both to Barbara Conry before the start of your first appointment. More information will be emailed shortly, along with a link to download your forms. 
COA student health plan

Insurance coverage regarding COVID-19 is as follows:

  • Covid-19 testing will be covered at 100%, as it is considered preventative under your current health policy.
  • Coronavirus treatment will be covered by your student health insurance plan, as any other health issue would be. Please review your 2019-2020 student health insurance plan and the Summary of Benefits and Coverage, which can be found in your student portal under Health and Wellness.
International Accommodations    

During these difficult times with COVID-19, NGL/Wellfleet, the health insurance company, has lifted the exclusion prohibiting coverage for medical visits while students are in their home country.

  • Medical visits while in your home country will be covered at the same “in network” manner you experience in the US under your current student health insurance plan. More detailed information, along with how to submit your claims will follow shortly.
Time management and study skills

Study Skills and Time Management with Liz Rabasca can be scheduled in Schedulicity. Please note the following:

  • Liz will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:00pm - 5:30pm, with each appointment being 30 minutes.
  • When scheduling your appointment please include your email address and phone number.
  • Liz will contact students for appointments through “Google meet” so be looking for her invite in your email.

Weekly Yoga with Heather Murray will be available for Spring term.  Our favorite yogi is offering a weekly recorded yoga session. Videos are stored in this Google docNote: you must be logged into your COA Google account to view.

International student services
  • US regulations for F-1 students regarding online coursework have been lifted in response to COVID-19. You can maintain your status by enrolling in a full course load (three credits) during spring term and maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  • OPT and CPT applications can still be processed
  • Travel signatures for I-20s can be arranged
  • For inquiries, requests, or concerns contact Dianne at dclendaniel@coa.edu
  • Please look for emails from ISS office for registration information and updates!