The mission of the Student Life department is to empower students to become authentic and successful learners. We challenge and guide students to deepen and expand their learning at the college by offering opportunities and creating spaces for transformational learning. These activities form the Four Pillars of Student Life: Student Support, Student Engagement, Student Leadership and Student Development.

As Student Life staff, we endeavor to engage students with compassion, empathy, humor and integrity. Recognizing that learning is an ongoing process that occurs within the active context of students’ lives, we strive to facilitate a community that balances the paradoxical tensions necessary for a thriving learning environment.

Counseling services 

COA counseling services continue to be online, using the online telehealth platform called There are licensing restrictions that will not allow our counselors to practice across state lines, so they will be providing counseling services to students who are physically in Maine. There are many counseling regulations to be mindful of and while some regulations have been relaxed due to COVID-19, others have not. For more information, please contact Barbara Conry at

Online scheduling

For students who are currently in Maine, signing up for counseling appointments will continue to be through Schedulicity, however please note:

  • Type in your COA email address and your phone number as both will be needed by your counselor
  • Student copays continue to be waived for counseling sessions.
  • Each student must fill out a “Telehealth consent” form (below) and return it to Barbara Conry prior to the start of your counseling appointment in order for your scheduled appointment to take place.
  • Telehealth services consent form
  • is user friendly. Your counselor will be emailing you a link after they have received the “Telehealth Consent” form. Once you click on the link, there will be a few easy to follow steps. Your counselor will call you at the time of your appointment if they do not see you in their virtual waiting room.

Time management and study skills

Study skills and time management with Liz Rabasca can be scheduled in Schedulicity. Please note the following:

  • Liz is available at regular times, with each appointment being 30 minutes.
  • When scheduling your appointment please include your email address and phone number.
  • Liz will contact students for appointments through Google Meet, so be looking for her invite in your email.
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