Thank you for considering a gift to College of the Atlantic. A steady financial foundation allows our students and faculty members to continue COA’s unique and effective brand of education.

The Annual Fund is the backbone of everything we do

Give to the Annual Fund.

We ask everyone who is part of the COA community to participate in the Annual Fund. Regardless of the amount, each and every gift is important!

Tuition and endowment income combined are not sufficient to meet all operating expenses so the Fund for COA fills the gap and brings much-needed support to all programs. The Annual Fund campaign begins July 1 and runs until the fiscal year’s end on June 30. Special solicitation appeals are made in the fall and spring, but gifts are welcome anytime in the year.

Learn more about COA’s funding priorities and special initiatives.

Strong participation in the Annual Fund is also a way for us to demonstrate commitment and dedication to College of the Atlantic. When applying for foundation or corporate gifts, the percentage of individuals who participate is the most important measure that is used to evaluate community-wide support.

Why I give

  • Elizabeth-Anne (Cobb) Ronk

    On the 25th of every month I receive a text-message notification from my bank that reminds me that I used to live by the ocean. I pause in the memory of snow and the taste of it with maple syrup. I recall the first time I saw contra dancing, joined picnics on mountainsides, and smelled freshly exposed seaweed. I relish the few short years I lived in a place where my professors cared about my theories, my peers were dynamic innovators, and I didn’t have to worry about venomous snakes. I am a member of the Black Fly Society which allows me to seamlessly give a monthly paperless donation to COA. Although my donation is small in the grand scheme of things, it impacts the alumni donor percentage just the same.

    I joined the Black Fly Society because I need a monthly reminder that Take-A-Break is not a figment of my imagination, but I also donate so that I can aid COA in bringing the experiences I had to future students.

    Plus, I got a really cool sticker.

    Elizabeth-Anne (Cobb) Ronk '12
  • Peter Moon

    To this day, I’m amazed at how relevant and influential my COA experience was in preparing me for the life I lead. The more people who can share that experience, the more reason I have to be optimistic, and think that we will build a better world for our kids.

    Peter Moon '90
  • Matt Shaw

    I give to COA because it’s the place that taught me that art is as important as politics and environmental stewardship—that art opens us to a way of being in the world few other things can. Simultaneously, I learned the importance of dialogue between fields of research. COA is unique in its ability to offer this model of education because of its small size and remote location. The human ecology of my degree came in utilizing my peers and the mentors I found on faculty and staff. They were beacons in navigating my own work and continue to be. I give back what I can to make sure these experiences are possible for students for many years to come.

    Matt Shaw '11
  • Cayla Moore

    Stephen and I give for many reasons. On the one hand, we give because we know the level of alumni contributions is a critical indicator that foundations and donors consider when evaluating a college, and COA’s stature now is just as important to our current professional lives as it was when we were students. On the other hand, we give because making a financial contribution is an easy way to show our gratitude for the formal and informal educations we both received at COA. And, being members of the Black Fly Society makes giving just as easy paying for our Netflix account!

    In short, we give because we know that our degree, like any relationship, is grounded in history, but requires continued time and energy to thrive.

    Cayla Moore '14