• Are curious and self-directed. 
  • Love to dig into complex questions. 
  • Connect best with dynamic teachers who challenge you to think in new ways. 
  • Are looking for a school that’s also a community. 
  • Care not only about what you learn, but how you learn it. 
  • Have multiple areas of interest you’d like to study. 
  • See things in the world you’d like to change and believe change is possible. 

At College of the Atlantic, we aim to serve students from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives. Our students come from across the U.S. and around the world, and are united by a desire to be part of a community of creative people who want to make the world better. 

COA students typically have strong academic preparation, curiosity and a love of learning, a tendency to seek out intellectual and personal challenges, and an ability to thrive in a self-directed environment. If you’re intrigued by the idea of being part of a small college community with a focus on human ecology, we hope you’ll apply!

Visiting our campus might be the best way to answer that question. Take a tour, interview with one of our admission counselors, sit in on a class, and eat in our dining hall. Get a feel for our community to see if it’s right. 

Can’t make it for a visit? You can schedule an online interview with an admission counselor to learn more about COA. 

Meet students who have transferred to COA: