Faculty and lecturers

Teaching staff

Faculty emeriti/ae

  • Elmer Beal: Ethnology, anthropological theory, traditional music
  • Rich Borden: Psychology, human ecology
  • JoAnne Carpenter: Art history, architectural history, painting
  • William Carpenter: Creative writing
  • Steven Katona: Biology
  • Susan Lerner: Visual arts
  • Ernest McMullen: Drawing & painting, two-dimensional design, ceramics
  • John Visvader: Philosophy

Lecturer emeriti/ae

  • Candice Stover: Writing & literature

Adjunct instructors

2022-2023 Academic Year

  • Joanne Alex: Child Development; Integrated Methods II: Science, Math, and Social Studies
  • Ronald Beard: College Seminar: Practical Skills in Community Development
  • Michael Bennett: World Percussion; Advanced World Percussion
  • Nathaniel Berger: Writing Seminar I: Exposition
  • Peter Breslow: Audio Journalism: Reporting, Producing, Storytelling
  • Ryan Blotnick: Improvisation in Music; Guitar Fundamentals
  • John Capen: College Seminar: Writing the Environment
  • Hilary Chermak: Introduction to Art Therapy
  • Caroline Cotter: Introduction to Songwriting
  • Pamela Gagnon da Silva: Intimate Partner Violence: Dynamics & Community Response; Introduction to Feminist Therapy: Practices and Principles
  • France Hilbert: Figure Drawing; Introduction to Drawing: Space and Form
  • Franklin Jacoby: Introduction to Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Science: Reason, Truth, and Reality
  • June Kim: Introduction to Photography
  • Galen Koch: Within Living Memory: Audio Production & Podcasting
  • Rhiannon Lewis: The Poet’s Profession: An Introduction to Poetry; Advanced Composition
  • Darla Linville: Public Libraries and the People
  • Heather Lyon: Into Watery Realms: Image Making as Ritual
  • Richard MacDonald: Ornithology
  • Maddy Magnuson: Introduction to Sexual Health
  • Rocky Mann: Intermediate Ceramics
  • Adam McLean: Teaching and Learning Music in Human Ecology; Musicianship
  • Ernest McMullen: The Theory and Mystery of Color
  • Donna Oblongata: The Art of Clown; Earth First! A New Musical Workshop
  • Fred Olday: Bryophyte Biology: Mosses and their Allies
  • Linda Perrin: Introduction to Glass Blowing and Sculpture
  • Kendra Rand: Public Speaking Workshop
  • Michael Remy: Music Fundamentals: Intro to Reading/Hearing/Writing/Playing
  • Dani Robbins: Beginning Contemporary Dance Technique; Contemporary Dance Composition; Sourcing the Body: Experiential Anatomy
  • Linda Robinson: History of Midwifery and Women’s Health Care in the U.S.
  • Jennifer Rock: Communicating Science; Seeing Ecology Through Arts Practice
  • Kelley Sanborn: Supporting Students With Disabilities in the Regular Classroom
  • Emma Schroeder: Energy, Environment, Protest
  • Robert Seddig: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties; Politics and the Supreme Court
  • Matthew Shaw: Landscape Cinema
  • Zach Soares: Audio Production and Engineering
  • Natalie Springuel: Fisheries, Fishermen, and Fishing Communities
  • Ashley Stanley: Integrated Methods IA: Grades PreK-3 Reading and Writing
  • Kristy Summers: Mixed Media Sculpture
  • Meryl Sweeney: Children’s Literature
  • Stephen Wessler: Religious Intolerance in the United States; Genocide, Resistance, Response and Reconciliation