Faculty and lecturers

Teaching staff

Faculty emerit

Lecturer emerit

  • Candice Stover: Writing & literature

Adjunct instructors

2023–2024 Academic Year (to date)

  • Thiago Altair: Physics I: Mechanics and Energy; Chemistry I
  • Abby Barrows: Human Ecology Lab in Ōsakikamijima
  • Ronald Beard: College Seminar: Practical Skills in Community Development
  • Ryan Blotnick: Jazz Ensemble
  • Scott Braddock: Geology of Mt. Desert Island; Geology of National Parks; Earth Systems
  • Emma Brodeur: Psychology, Religion, Ethics, Love
  • Matthew Carroll: Fire: Science, Policy and Practice
  • Caroline Cotter: Introduction to Songwriting
  • Saffronia Downing: Introduction to Ceramics; Hand-Built-Pots; Making Art: Effort, Resilience, Persistence
  • Annika Earley: The History of Making Prints
  • Richard Hsu: Chamber Music
  • Franklin Jacoby: Introduction to Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Science: Reason, Truth, and Reality
  • Sarah Kheireddine: Organic Chemistry II
  • June Kim: Introduction to Photography
  • Galen Koch: Navigating Change: History, Place, Stories
  • Andrea Lepcio: Dramatic Writing for Stage and Screen
  • Kreg McCune: Ceramics I
  • Adam McLean: Teaching and Learning Music in Human Ecology
  • Hiromi Nagao: Human Ecology Lab in Ōsakikamijima
  • April Nugent: Organic Poultry Practicum
  • Ramasubramanian Oruganti: Gandhian Economics and Green Entrepreneurship
  • Kendra Rand: Public Speaking Workshop
  • Dani Robbins: Beginning Contemporary Dance Technique; Sourcing the Body: Disability as Human Ecology
  • Kelley Sanborn: Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom
  • Matthew Shaw: Documentary Video Studio; Contemplative Media Practice
  • Hillary Smith: Navigating Change: History, Place, Stories
  • Christina Spurling: Chamber Music
  • Toby Stephenson: Working the Sea
  • Kristy Summers: 3D Studio: Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art and
  • Stephen Wessler: Hate Crimes in the Contemporary US and Europe