Everyone at COA studies human ecology

All COA students study human ecology, the investigation of the relations between humans and their environments. Human ecology at COA is strongly interdisciplinary and gives students broad latitude to choose courses that meet their goals and interests.

Over half of our graduates attend graduate or professional school.

But we all study it differently

No two students study human ecology in the same way. That’s because everyone designs their own major—there are few degree requirements. Students have the freedom (and responsibility) to build a curriculum that is right for them.

And do different things with it

A degree from COA prepares you to do almost anything. Our graduates are lawyers, scientists, teachers, artists, farmers, advocates and activists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and writers.

You may stay in Maine all four years, or your studies may take you to the Yucatán, the United Nations, Newfoundland, or New Mexico. You may know what you want to study—art, marine science, politics, whatever—when you set foot on campus and follow that path through all four years. Or your interests may evolve, split, and converge, as you learn and explore. COA will help you construct or modify your individual path as needed.