Early Decision

Early Decision (ED) could be the best option if you’re sure that COA is your top choice. Applying ED will not affect your odds of acceptance, or your financial aid package. The primary benefit of applying ED is that you will receive notification of our admission decision much earlier than if you apply Regular Decision. You may apply ED I or ED II. Both function the same way, but have different deadlines. Feel free to reach out to an admission staff member to determine whether ED I or ED II is the best option for you. 

IMPORTANT: Early Decision is binding. This means if you are accepted as an ED applicant, you are obligated to withdraw your applications from all other colleges. The ED application is made official when you submit our Early Decision Agreement, which you’ll find in your application.

Regular Decision

Regular Decision is the traditional way to apply to college and is nonbinding. It’s probably your best option if you haven’t yet settled on which college you plan to attend.

Application and financial aid deadlines may be found here, along with the dates you can expect to hear from us regarding admission decisions. Please be aware that Regular Decision applicants will not receive admission decisions until spring.