Each species and area have their own photographic catalogue and database. Use the menu below to read about the discoveries made using photo-ID research techniques.

Triton humpback whaleNorth Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue

Allied Whale was instrumental in the development of photographic identification (photo-ID) techniques for humpback whales and in 1977 published the first North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue. That first catalogue contained 120 individual humpback whales. Currently, it contains over 8,000 animals from all the known feeding and breeding/calving grounds in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Fin whale 2014Fin whale 2014North Atlantic Fin Whale Catalogue

In 1981, biologists from Allied Whale began a project to identify individual finback whales photographically—a very asymmetrical challenge. The North Atlantic Finback Whale Catalogue is now housed in our laboratory in Bar Harbor and contains photographs of over 800 individuals.

Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue

An international project investigating movements of humpback whales between the Southern Ocean and lower latitude waters.

Years of the North Atlantic Humpback (YoNAH)

An international project conceived to address large-scale issues: such as the size and structure of the population, vital rates, migratory movement and the structure of the mating system.

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